Adoption of’s 1/1/1 model accelerates around the world

~ hundreds of companies adopt’s unique model of integrated corporate philanthropy to deepen their community impact ~

The Foundation (, the global leader in integrating philanthropy and business, today announced the growing success of its mission to inspire companies around the world to give 1 per cent of their resources forward to support organisations that are making the world a better place. Today, hundreds of companies of all sizes including Atlassian, C-Level Management,, Google, LiveOps, NewVoiceMedia and Seal Shield have adopted’s unique 1/1/1 integrated corporate philanthropy model ( where 1 per cent of a company’s time, 1 per cent of its equity and 1 per cent of its products are given forward to the community.

The 1/1/1 Model The idea behind’s1/1/1 model is to harness the power of a company’s resources, such as the intellectual wealth of its employees, technology or products and financial resources to improve communities and promote compassionate capitalism. When all three elements are deployed together, companies can ensure a dedicated focus and greater impact on the nonprofits and causes whose missions they’re trying to empower.

Using the 1/1/1 model, has given: • 1 per cent Time: employees are awarded 6 paid days of volunteer time to use over the course of a year. To date, 178,000 hours have been donated by employees. • 1 per cent Product: The Foundation facilitates the donation and discount of Salesforce CRM licenses to nonprofits helping them to increase their operating effectiveness and focus more resources on their core mission. 8,000 nonprofits in 70 countries are benefiting from these licenses today. • 1 per cent Equity: Using 1 per cent of founding stock to offer grants focused on technology innovation in nonprofits and youth development programmes, has given nearly $20 million in grants to qualified nonprofits.

Accelerated Adoption of the Model • C-Level Management ( – Founder Jeff Scott of this cloud technology and business optimisation consulting firm writes the company’s annual business plan to support its “Giving Back” program philanthropy goals, and is leading other companies to do the same. In 2010, C-Level will issue in-kind consulting grants valued at over $125,000, provide consulting and technical services at a reduced rate to all qualified nonprofits and higher education institutions, and will donate 50 per cent of all technology license commissions to nonprofits. • ( – The US and UK-based company is adopting 1-1 of’s model, 1 per cent of its product and 1 per cent of employees’ time. is offering discounted full accounting licenses of its cloud-based accounting technology and discounted consulting services to Foundation customers. As part of the offering, they will also donate up to 10 free read only licenses for CRM users to view financial data. This powerful capability enables fundraisers and managers to gain a 360-degree view of their constituents. • LiveOps ( - LiveOps has built its Foundation on’s 1/1/1 model. It plans to set aside approximately 1 per cent of current outstanding shares to be used to fund its foundation after a liquidity event. It offers gifts of cash supporting grants for organisations that its employees support, grants for business partners and a matching gift policy of up to $500 per employee per year. Lastly, LiveOps offers the gift of time by enabling its employees to volunteer on average 1 per cent of their time to an organisation of their choice and participate in company-sponsored events. • NewVoiceMedia ( – NewVoiceMedia, a leading provider of intelligent telephony solutions based in the United Kingdom with operations in more than 20 countries, recently launched its 1/1/1 model. The company is giving three days of volunteer time, donating five licenses of its call centre and products including training and support, and providing discounts for qualified charities. It also established its own foundation and plans to provide grants. • Seal Shield ( – Inspired by Marc Benioff’s presentation on the 1/1/1 model at Dreamforce,’s customer and developer conference, this manufacturer of washable technology solutions recently featured on Good Morning America has implemented the 1/1/1 model in a way that fits the company’s size and geographically-disperse organisation. For 1 per cent of time, Seal Shield employees are participating in Disney’s “Give a Day, Get a Day” volunteering program; for 1 per cent of product, it is donating its washable, antimicrobial keyboards and mice to the local library system; and, for 1 per cent of equity, it is planning to set aside 1 per cent of its corporate equity in the form of warrants so it may fund its own foundation.

Comments on the News: • "Ten years ago, set out to change the way companies think about philanthropy, and today more than ever it continues to define our focus," said Suzanne DiBianca, executive director, Foundation. “The hundreds of other companies that have joined us in giving their resources forward to empower nonprofits to realise their missions are truly exemplary of the power that business has to affect positive change.” • “Our values of service, mentoring, and giving back are embedded in the core foundation of our company,” said Jeff Scott, founder, C-Level Management. “’s 1/1/1 model gave us the framework to build a sustainable program to bring our values to life.” • “Our vision is to help charities of all sizes to benefit from the latest cloud computing technology,” said Jeremy Roche, president and CEO, “Many charities, even smaller ones, need to accommodate complex financial requirements, but their budgets will generally only stretch to lower-end packaged systems which frequently do not meet their needs. We hope to change that.” • "LiveOps is dedicated to reducing the barriers for those in the community that desire to make a better life for themselves," said Maynard Webb, chairman and CEO of LiveOps. "Through the 1/1/1 model, LiveOps can make a collective difference and increase our involvement in causes that are important to our employees, our independent agent community, customers and partners." • “NewVoiceMedia, inspired by Marc Benioff and with advice from the Foundation’s International Director Isabel Kelly, is delighted to be launching its own 1/1/1/ model foundation,” said Jessica Strachwitz Hamilton, Foundation Director, NewVoiceMedia. “It has been received with enthusiasm from our team, who are keen to give back, volunteer and donate our solutions.” • “Seal Shield prides itself on excellence and teamwork, and the 1/1/1 philosophy struck me as a great concept and way for our company to differentiate and to give something back to the community,” said Bradley Whitchurch, CEO and chairman, Seal Shield. “Marc Benioff helped give us direction and now it’s taking off within our organisation and even having an impact with customers.”

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