Elephant Parade London utilises Force.com to launch online petition

Leverages Salesforce.com Foundation’s 1/1/1 model to help endangered species

LONDON, May 12, 2010 -- Salesforce.com, the enterprise cloud computing company, and Salesforce.com Foundation, the global leader in integrating philanthropy and business, is proving that elephants really can fly as the London tour of a model elephant called Cloudia kick offs. Claudia will promote an online public petition to encourage governments to support Asian elephant conservation. The launch, which will see the life-sized baby elephant sculpture take flight on the London Eye, is part of Elephant Parade London – the city’s largest ever public art exhibition.

As the main corporate sponsor of the Elephant Parade London, salesforce.com has built the online petition on its enterprise cloud computing platform, Force.com. It will be using the platform to gather public signatures supporting a call for protection of the Asian elephant to encourage government action. To sign the petition, please visit www.helpcloudia.com.

Salesforce.com and the Salesforce.com Foundation are supporting the Elephant Parade London through salesforce.com’s unique 1/1/1 integrated corporate philanthropy model where 1% of the company’s time, 1% of its equity and 1% of its products are given forward to the community.

A number of salesforce.com partners are also lending their support to the Elephant Parade London. They include Acorn Localizations, Bluewolf, Kingpin Communications, LEWIS PR, George P. Johnson and Whiteoaks.

Mark Shand, founder of the Elephant Family, said, “The existence of the wild Asian elephant is at serious threat with the species population shrinking over 90 per cent in the last 100 years. At the current rate, the Asian elephant will cease to exist in the wild by 2050. One of the most critical aims of Elephant Parade London is to significantly raise public and political awareness of this serious issue. The online petition will help us to achieve this, and we are incredibly grateful to salesforce.com for its tremendous support in utilising its innovative platform for the fundamental task of lobbying governments into taking action.”

Isabel Kelly, international director of the Salesforce.com Foundation, added, “Salesforce.com’s unique integrated philanthropy model in which the company contributes 1% time, 1% equity, and 1% product to nonprofits, allows us to nurture and support positive change through programmes such as the Elephant Parade London. Cloud computing is a natural fit for public fundraising as more and more people look to the web for social engagement. We would encourage people to show their concern for the endangered elephants by signing the petition at www.helpcloudia.com.”

The 1/1/1 Model
The idea behind salesforce.com’s 1/1/1 model is to harness the power of a company’s resources, such as the intellectual wealth of its employees, technology or products and financial resources to improve communities and promote compassionate capitalism. When all three elements are deployed together, companies can ensure a dedicated focus and greater impact on the nonprofits and causes whose missions they’re trying to empower.

Using the 1/1/1 model, salesforce.com has given:
• 1% Time: Salesforce.com employees are awarded 6 paid days of volunteer time to use over the course of a year. To date, 179,000 hours have been donated by employees.
• 1% Product: The Salesforce.com Foundation facilitates the donation and discount of Salesforce CRM licenses to nonprofits helping them to increase their operating effectiveness and focus more resources on their core mission. 8,100 nonprofits in 70 countries are benefiting from these licenses today.
• 1% Equity: Using 1 per cent of founding stock to offer grants focused on technology innovation in nonprofits and youth development programs, salesforce.com has given nearly $20 million in grants to qualified nonprofits.

Supporting Resources:
• Flickr photos: http://salesforce.com/uk/findcloudiaphotos
• YouTube video: Salesforce.com prepare for Elephant Parade London
• Facebook fan page: Elephant Family & Elephant Parade
• Follow the Elephant Family on Twitter: @ElephantFamily
• More information about salesforce.com and Elephant Parade London: http://www.salesforce.com/uk/helpcloudia/