~ Technology leader enhances productivity and brings global workforce together using an intuitive tool for business collaboration ~

London, 8, September 2010 - Salesforce.com , the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced that Misys plc, the global application software and services company, has implemented Salesforce Chatter to enable closer collaboration amongst its global workforce.

Salesforce Chatter is the industry’s first real-time enterprise social collaboration app, unleashing a new way to work for people around the world. Inspired by popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Salesforce Chatter uses many recognised social features such as profiles, status updates and real-time feeds.

Misys activated Salesforce Chatter in August 2010 for 1,500 employees enabling them to take part in real-time conversations through an enterprise social app that is secure and private. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Misys had no requirement for end-user training before making Chatter available to its employees.

“We’ve been an early adopter of salesforce.com applications for the last seven years, starting with the Sales Cloud in 2003 and the Service Cloud in 2004. The constant innovation and evolution of salesforce.com has fuelled smarter and faster business decisions,” said Kimberly Jansen, Director CRM - Global Application Services at Misys.

“Chatter is already proving to be a vital asset to the business. Within hours of it being turned on, our employees were proactively populating their profile information and following the important data that matters most to them. We’ve received very positive feedback from across the organisation.”

Salesforce Chatter gives Misys employees the opportunity to collaborate in real-time around documents, people, processes and data, driving a new level of productivity and breaking down organisational barriers to help connect experts and information across the business.

Misys’ customer service team embraced Chatter from day one. The team regularly sets up groups to collaborate with colleagues from across departments and geographies on customer support issues. By using Salesforce Chatter instead of email, discussions have become more encompassing and dynamic, while avoiding the dilemma of potentially inundating colleagues with emails or only replying to a single person and missing out on input from others. With Chatter, those interested in a particular topic can opt-in to follow the discussion and participate accordingly.

“Implementing Salesforce Chatter has revolutionised our approach to enterprise collaboration. It has personalised collaboration across the organisation and reduced our email traffic resulting in enhanced productivity. As a company that has employees in 120 countries, it’s already a big win for us,” concluded Jansen.