~ Premier League football club gets closer to fans with the Sales Cloud and Force.com ~

LONDON, December 15 2010 - Salesforce.com, the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced that Premier League football club, Everton, has implemented the Sales Cloud from salesforce.com to provide high quality customer service and deployed Force.com, the enterprise cloud computing platform, for custom application development.

While the Club’s performance on the pitch is its most prominent activity, Everton also engages in a range of business interests, including merchandising, media, publishing, hospitality and catering, tours and event ticketing as well as providing services such as the Everton MasterCard, and betting and gaming.

The Club has around 200 staff running the £80 million organisation including administration, sales, management and marketing personnel. The reason for implementing the Sales Cloud was to bring each of these departments onto a common database platform improving efficiency and knowledge management.

Everton began its relationship with salesforce.com by signing up 15 members of its business sales team to use the Sales Cloud. It took Everton just 10 weeks from the initial design discussions to the deployment. Since then, use of the Sales Cloud has spread to include other departments and Everton has deployed several of its own custom built apps on the Force.com platform.

Everton’s use of the Sales Cloud was designed in consultation with the system users and adoption has been tremendous. It is used to manage the entire sales process for sales of corporate memberships, match hospitality, advertising, and sponsorships. Having customer information integrated into a single, intuitive platform enables staff to easily access the information they need to meet customer demands, no matter where they are. This has become a self-reinforcing cycle as it has enabled sales staff to do more business and build stronger relationships with customers, leading to higher commissions, which has led to more motivated staff.

Furthermore, sales management now has greater insight into what’s going on with the sales teams as well as more detailed reporting and forecasting, with real-time dashboards.

Everton’s Head of IT, Stephen Fell, said: “We’d been looking for a good CRM system for a couple of years as a way of making the business more efficient and to deliver a high quality of service to our customers. We selected the Sales Cloud to run our customer management processes and Force.com for building custom apps because of their rich functionality. We recognised that these are used by large multi nationals, so a business of Everton’s size is able to benefit from all the features used by the likes of Starbucks and Dell.”

Everton has trained its IT staff in developing custom apps, along with the ability to customise the application and tailor it specifically to the Club’s own business needs without having to bring in external consultants. This was another vital factor in Everton’s decision to work with salesforce.com.

As well as using the Sales Cloud, Everton has deployed Force.com to custom build a hospitality management system and is currently developing its own sports sponsorship management application. It is also augmenting its Sales Cloud implementation with a custom commission management and claim system.

Furthermore, Everton is leveraging the work of others by using Postcode Anywhere and Campaign Call Down, both apps which are available on the Force.com AppExchange 2 and come pre-integrated with the Sales Cloud.

“By implementing the Sales Cloud and building custom apps on Force.com we have added a lot of value to our business,” added Phil Brining, CRM and data consultant to Everton. “Previously we didn’t have a clear and timely view into what was going on in the sales departments. With the Sales Cloud we’ve now got full control through live reporting and dashboards. Our commercial department receives information in real-time and we have the ability to drill-down and make business decisions based on the most up-to-date data.

“Force.com is superb for providing us with a highly functional and rich platform upon which we can build our own tailor-made apps,” concluded Brining. “All the factors that have been difficult and troublesome when we’ve deployed systems in the past, simply haven’t existed. We’re only beginning on the journey of discovering the full potential of what salesforce.com has to offer.”