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Our products plus applications built by our community can help advance your sustainability strategies. Harness the power of our platform for good by engaging your employees to help the environment or downloading an application from our AppExchange.

We're proud to be part of the community,
collaborating and working
together for a more
sustainable future.
Simon Wheeldon, CEO, CloudApps

Community collaboration

Want to capture the ideas of your employees in your environmental programs? Use Chatter to collaborate and share best practices about sustainability within your company, with your customers, and at your events.

Want to know what your community is saying about your corporate social responsibility initiatives? Listen, connect, and respond to your stakeholders in real time with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Community Collaboration

Partner ecosystem

Use the Salesforce Platform to build applications that help improve your environmental performance. Don’t want to build something custom? The AppExchange includes a number of partner apps that can help track, manage, report, and communicate sustainability initiatives. Check them out ›

Partner ecosystem
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