We need to deliver a unique customer experience that matches our unique watches. With Salesforce, we can stay true to our brand principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and authenticity.”

- Marie Chassot - Head of Baume

Baume brings customisable and sustainable watches to more people with Salesforce

Baume hasn’t just launched a new watch brand; it has established a new paradigm for the industry based on sustainability, inclusivity, and authenticity.

With its ambition to mindfully design for a better tomorrow, Baume’s vision is to create a community of likeminded people – above and beyond watchmaking – who care about the environment and are focused on using sustainable and ethical materials. We need to deliver a unique customer experience that matches our unique watches,” said Marie Chassot, Head of Baume. “With Salesforce, we can stay true to our principles of establishing a brand and customer experience founded on sustainability, inclusivity, and authenticity.”


Part of the Richemont Group, Baume is an offshoot of the well-established luxury brand Baume et Mercier, and uses recycled, upcycled, and sustainable materials to craft distinctive watches.

Launched in May 2018 on the Salesforce platform, Baume is already taking the watch industry by storm. The flexibility and agility of Salesforce have been key to achieving success in a short period of time. “Our website and support services are all founded on Salesforce, and our marketing campaigns and retail relationship will be next,” explained Aykut Tunca, Head of e-Business at Baume. “With an integrated business platform, we’ll be able to gain greater insights and build stronger relationships with everyone in the Baume community.”


With Salesforce, we can tap into the capabilities that we need to grow our business and achieve our digital ambitions.”

Aykut Tunca - Head of E-business at Baume


With a very small team, Baume’s leaders wanted to make it as simple as possible for people to engage with the brand, and that meant avoiding siloes from the start. The desire for a single solution that was easy to use, to manage e-commerce, service, and marketing led the company to Salesforce.

“With Salesforce, we can tap into the capabilities that we need to grow our business and achieve our digital ambitions,” said Aykut Tunca. “For example, we were able to integrate all our customer and order data across the Salesforce solutions before we went live.”

To simplify scalability and integration, Aykut Tunca and his lean team have minimised customisation, sticking to out-the-box functionality wherever possible. This approach to customisation is completely the opposite when it comes to Baume’s own products.


Enabling customers to create a unique watch is at the heart of Baume’s vision. Via its mobileoptimised site, which is built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, customers can pick and mix different watch elements – from dial style and casing finish to strap material and engraved messages. Customers can choose from 2,160 variations to create their own distinct product.

“Traditionally, luxury brands dictate what’s attractive and what people should buy,” explained Marie Chassot. “We’re turning that model on its head by giving our customers the power to decide for themselves what’s beautiful, and to have a hands-on experience in creating it.”

Baume already offers this customisation service across 83 countries; next it wants to create locally themed websites for key geographies – all founded on Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s native capabilities.

Tunca is also planning to take advantage of Salesforce Einstein’s predictive AI to create intelligent one-to-one journeys for customers.

To deliver a fully joined-up customer experience, Baume uses Service Cloud alongside Salesforce Commerce Cloud and has integrated APIs for shoppable images.

“Cross-channel is really important for us. With Salesforce, we can provide a seamless customer experience across different devices and channels,” said Tunca. “When a customer raises an issue or asks a question via the website or by phone, it’s automatically routed directly to our third party call centre agency via Service Cloud.”

The Salesforce solutions are also connected to Baume’s order management system and third party logistics partner’s system via Jitterbit middleware, which means all information on customers, orders, and cases is available in a single place.


As well as selling direct to customers via its website, Baume wants to establish partnerships with key retailers. Using Community Cloud in the future, Baume will be able to empower retailers to place and follow customer orders on a central platform.

Once Baume’s social media and advertising campaigns are also managed via Marketing Cloud, Tunca and his colleagues will have a single view of the business. “With Salesforce, we can unlock new business intelligence and customer insights that will enable our brand to grow and products to shine,” said Tunca.

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