Social is changing business forever.”

-Bob Beauchamp, Chairman and CEO

BMC Software, one of the ten largest publicly traded software companies in the world and a leading provider of IT management solutions, was one of the first traditional software companies to embrace the cloud and social. As the cloud was starting to gain widespread adoption, BMC partnered with to develop Remedyforce, an IT service desk in the cloud that lets IT and users collaborate using new social technologies. In addition to providing social capabilties to its customers, BMC also transformed its own business to become a socially connected business.

Chairman and CEO Bob Beauchamp uses Salesforce Chatter on his iPad to communicate with his 6,000+ employees, share information, and stay on top of everything that’s happening at the company. "I’m now a more connected CEO," says Beauchamp. "I want our employees to feel like they are working for a leading-edge company that is setting the pace—not a follower but a leader."


Social is changing business forever.”


BMC has been leading the way for IT management for 30+ years. Unlike other tech giants that were left behind by shifts in technology, BMC has continuously driven leadership and change in its markets. By adapting its business and its industry-leading IT service desk products for the cloud, BMC has expanded its customer base and stayed ahead of the innovation curve.

Remedyforce helps agents quickly log and handle service desk requests, has built-in best practices for the most common IT support processes, and is easy to implement. Collaborative features that enable agents to work together and resolve IT incidents more quickly are another key differentiator. In fact, BMC reports that some Remedyforce customers are able to improve first call resolution by 90%, reduce live phone calls by 33%, and increase agent productivity by 30%, resulting in huge cost savings and tremendous gains in customer satisfaction.

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