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job applications per year handled in Salesforce


BMS Performance uses Salesforce to build one, fully integrated sales ecosystem, delighting clients and jobseekers alike.

Great sales and marketing professionals are always in demand.

Business leaders know that skilled communicators can transform their organisation’s fortunes by building strong, enduring customer relationships.

Finding and hiring these game-changing individuals is a major, ongoing challenge for most businesses. Thankfully, there are many people in other job roles with all the attributes required to be highly successful – they just need to be identified and given the right opportunity.

In the world of sales and marketing, BMS Performance is synonymous with quality. The company is the UK partner of choice for organisations seeking top talent, and the go-to source of great career opportunities for ambitious professionals.

In this episode Kulvinder and Sarah are joined by guests Ed Hurell, Commercial Account Executive at Salesforce and Graham Halewood, Chief Operations Officer at BMS Performance, to discuss how to attract, recruit, and retain the best candidates in the market.

Trusted relationships

Identifying the current top performers, and those with the potential to become the top performers of the future, requires a forensic understanding of the talent marketplace.

It needs extensive networks of contacts, a reputation that people trust, and increasingly, a great technology platform like Salesforce. Streamlined, integrated systems help to connect those organisations seeking talented people with high quality candidates, and expertly manage all aspects of the recruitment journey.

BMS Performance’s vast experience and 30-year track record of successful recruitment for business-to-business sales and marketing roles led it to take an unusual structural decision, one which it believes is fundamental to its success. In many recruitment consultancies, the same team will handle both the client’s requirements and the identification of candidates. BMS sees those two roles as complementary but different.

With one team managing the client, and another mining for the best talent across the UK, each is playing to its strengths, with a laser-like focus on the task in hand.


Staying connected and productive

“Having the right technology enables us to provide a great service and great results for clients and candidates,” explained Chief Operating Officer, Graham Halewood. “For us, Salesforce is central to everything we do, linking all activities together in one ecosystem, giving us the best chance of success.

“Having Salesforce has been critical in enabling our teams to stay connected and productive while working from home during the pandemic. But it’s also enabled us to respond effectively to the radical shift that has taken place in the jobs market. Businesses are trying to recruit from a talent pool that is much smaller than before. Now, it’s all about the data and what you do with it,” said Halewood.

BMS’ partnership with Salesforce began with its use of Bullhorn for Salesforce (then Talent Rover), a specialist recruitment solution built on the Salesforce platform and accessed via the AppExchange marketplace. To this it has added native applications such as Pardot for highly targeted, automated marketing campaigns, and High Velocity Sales for a streamlined, consistent approach that equips its sales teams to be successful.

The company’s decision to deploy High Velocity Sales in 2021 has provided an essential roadmap for BMS to emerge from the seismic impacts of COVID-19. Now, the organisation has confidence that its teams, wherever they are working, can be even more productive and successful in their efforts to delight their clients.


Blueprint for success

High Velocity Sales gives managers control over processes, consistency of approach, and speed of action, by building easy-to-use sales cadences for its people to follow covering all key touchpoints, including call scripts and automated email templates to ensure timely follow up. When new tasks need prioritising, these can be automatically routed straight to the top of the sales agent’s queue.

For BMS’ sales teams, High Velocity Sales represents a blueprint for success, with all the tools and resources they need in one place. This includes providing all the prompts needed to allow them to focus on doing a great job, enabling their people skills and personality to shine through.

“Trying to work with our teams remotely has been a real challenge. We were used to working very closely together, face-to-face, but High Velocity Sales came to the rescue,” explained Sales Director, Ben Illingworth.

“The feedback we’ve had from our people during the pandemic has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s given them a confidence that everything’s under control and they have everything they need on one screen to work normally to our usual high standards.”

BMS is reaping the benefits of a strategic commitment to complete integration of its technologies, enabling total visibility and a shared understanding of all connected sales and marketing activities.

“Previously, it would have been almost impossible for managers to provide the right level of support to someone working remotely. Now, with High Velocity Sales, where someone is located has become irrelevant. We have everything at our disposal to make sure that everyone is on-message, using the right content, with everything captured in Salesforce,” continued Illingworth.

This ensures that all activity is thoroughly choreographed. Every touchpoint is handled in a timely fashion, appropriate and personalised to the current status of the client relationship.

Equally, a single shared view of every prospect keeps everyone in touch with the progress of each sales opportunity. Teams are able to share ideas and act swiftly as each opportunity evolves through each touchpoint, improving forecasting accuracy in the process.

Support throughout the recruitment cycle

Given that many industries are facing a skills shortage and there is a perceived ‘War on Talent’, delivering demonstrably great service has never been more important. BMS must constantly convince candidates that their future careers are in the best hands.

This is where Pardot has a key role to play. The moment an appropriate candidate lands in Salesforce, an automated email is instantly generated and sent to the candidate with a personalised welcome and an invitation for an initial conversation. This is seamlessly linked to the sales agent’s calendar, all within minutes.

Pardot-generated automated communication continues throughout the recruitment cycle, providing advice and guidance for each candidate at every stage, ensuring they have all the information they need to feel confident and motivated.

The nurturing of long-term relationships continues beyond the acceptance of a job offer. BMS stays in touch with both parties, often for months, helping wherever it can to deliver a successful outcome.

“The worst outcome for all parties is for a new hire to fail,” explained Halewood. “A successful recruitment is when the new hire has settled in, is being productive, and is adding value to the client’s business. Our role is to do everything we can to make that happen. By demonstrating our commitment, many of our clients and indeed candidates come back again and again for the same high-quality experience and great results.

“In our ideal world, we help candidates with their careers ‘from cradle to grave’, helping them into their first sales or marketing role and then supporting them all the way through to their dream job, whatever that may be.”

One happy jobseeker said: “I would recommend BMS to anyone who is looking for work in sales. The continuous support of the consultants gave me huge amounts of confidence going into my interviews – not to mention their ability to find jobs ideal to my criteria that I would not be able to apply for otherwise.”

Integration at will

For Halewood, the flexibility of Salesforce to integrate so easily with specialist applications, also developed on Salesforce, is another key strength. BMS can easily add additional features and functionality at will, providing further power to its sales engine.

“Pardot and Sales Cloud link seamlessly, of course, but we also use Broadbean for our multi-posting job advertising, for example. Broadbean sits within our Salesforce platform and enables us to automate our advertising activity across all the key recruitment platforms,” commented Halewood.

“The opportunity to integrate apps into our workflow by using Salesforce results in a best practice process for our clients, ensuring that they get the best talent, in the shortest time, delivering the greatest business impact.”

Now, BMS can see precisely who has responded to which advertisement, with all applications, some 250,000 every year, captured in one system. All data is in the same place and accessible to everyone.

Other examples of apps that integrate seamlessly into BMS’ Salesforce platform are Cognism, an easily accessible source of rich and reliable B2B contact data; Dialpad, an IT telephony system which automates calls and records the outcomes in Salesforce; and the Hinterview engagement platform, a vehicle for graduates to add their CVs and sell themselves in a short video.

“Salesforce is the perfect platform for an integrated, best-in-class technology strategy – whatever our people need to do great work, all of it sits within Salesforce,” said Halewood.

Formula for success

With rich data, best-in-class technology, marketing automation that sends the right content to the right people at the right time, great leads, and a proven, repeatable process and tools, BMS is setting its people up for success, as Sarah Hamill, Business Development Executive at BMS Performance, confirmed: “Salesforce is great for prospecting and tracking campaigns and fulfilment. With High Velocity Sales I save a lot of time as we have built various cadences which are really useful in sending automated emails.

“Cognism has been a game changer too, helping me find data and contact details easily and quickly and adding it straight to Salesforce for me. The software links really well and seamlessly and makes me much more effective in my role.”

It’s also providing a formula that is making the gradual return to the office much more manageable and less stressful. The Salesforce platform demonstrates that where we work is now much less important than how we work.

With clarity of approach, training, management support, and a comprehensive toolkit, onboarding new salespeople is now very straightforward. Ramp-up times – the period in which a new hire reaches full productivity and delivers value – are significantly reduced.

Competition between sales staff is healthy and mutually supportive. A High Achievers Club dashboard, set up in Salesforce, serves as a motivational, self-improvement tool, rather than shining a spotlight on winners and losers.

Salesforce data analytics, dashboards, and management reports are driving both business strategy and tactical decision-making. For example, showcasing the most successful sales approaches and triggering the necessary actions should the number of candidates for a job role fall below the required volume.

“Once you find something that works as well as Salesforce, it all boils down to trust,” concluded Halewood. “We trust the Salesforce platform; we trust it to keep our data safe and we trust that it will consistently deliver. We trust that we’re in safe hands.

“It’s the foundation stone on which our entire business is built. From the low point at the start of the pandemic, our employee productivity has doubled, which has been caused by changes in the market supported by technology. And Salesforce is continuously striving to improve, the technology is constantly being updated, and we really value the people, too. Our account executive sees it as his mission to support us and always find solutions to our challenges. That’s priceless.”


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