Coca-Cola Enterprises

With Salesforce we can move a lot faster and keep adapting to our customers’ needs”

—Kemal Cetin, Vice President

Coca-Cola Enterprises drinks to its future success with Salesforce

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) is one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world, serving eight territories in Western Europe. When CCE discovered its field sales representatives were spending too much time on administrative tasks – rather than spending time with the customers and selling their products – the company embarked on a journey that would transform not only its sales operation but every area of the business.

Salesforce has been fundamental to this journey, enabling CCE and its 12,500 employees to work faster and smarter. As Kemal Cetin, an IT Vice President at CCE, reveals: “We have reduced the time it takes to on-board a new customer by around 60 percent and decreased the administration overhead for service technicians by almost 50 percent.”

CCE uses Salesforce across multiple geographies and multiple business functions. From the call centre agent to the service technician and the sales representative, Salesforce connects people and information to deliver a better customer experience.

Making the most of mobile

As one of the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottlers, CCE has big ambitions for the future. As well as being the best beverage sales and customer service company, it wants to grow its operating income between six and eight percent in the long-term.

With the support of a new mobile app developed on Service Cloud and the Salesforce Platform, CCE has been able to accelerate a new revenue stream. As Cetin explains: “The app makes it easier and quicker for service technicians to retrieve their work schedules and log activity updates in real time, which means they can respond to more customer requests in the same timeframe. This is a crucial capability as CCE expands its Equipment Service offering to a broader customer base.”

The company also developed an app that simplifies the account creation and equipment installation process for new customers. The app took just five months to develop and less than a year to deploy across multiple territories. “As part of a pilot, we reduced the lead time for installing new equipment by 50 percent and the on-boarding process for new customers by 66 percent,” confirms Cetin.

CCE is also launching an app for its field sales representatives to help them spend more time with customers. The app, which is founded on Sales Cloud and the Salesforce Platform, is currently being used by 300 people in the Netherlands and 800 people in Great Britain, and will be rolled out to CCE’s other six territories in Western Europe by the middle of next of the year.

Opening up the information flow

A robust platform that accelerates the development and deployment cycle is key to helping CCE achieve its vision for a multi-contact, customer-focused approach. As Cetin affirms: “With Salesforce, we’ve been able to develop very complex solutions in less than four months and deploy them across multiple geographies in under a year.”

As well as connecting existing customer contact channels, CCE is also developing new ones. Using Sales Cloud and the Salesforce Platform, CCE has established its first customer engagement platform in France. This platform allows customers to collaborate with CCE and each other in a single, online space. Within five months more than 10,000 customers signed up, with 45 percent of all exchanges now happening on a mobile device.

CCE saw similarly rapid adoption when it launched Salesforce Chatter internally to aid the sharing of ideas and knowledge across its workforce. “In a matter of a couple of months, it went from zero to 2,000 people. Now, almost everyone who is not working on the production line is on Chatter - that's about 6,000 people,” reveals Cetin.

For CCE, the transformation journey is far from over. “We need to continue to make our business more agile and adaptable,” confirms Cetin. “We’ve already discovered that we can achieve a lot in a short timeframe with Salesforce, and we are going to keep looking for the next opportunity.”


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