I've heard more innovative ideas from employees in the last 3 months than in the last 12.”


DMGT, an international group traded on the London Stock Exchange, is making its business processes social with an employee social network to share information and collaborate in real time. The aim is to connect all the companies across DMGT’s portfolio of market-leading digital, information, media, and events businesses. By creating transparency across hierarchies, geographies, and departments, it’s much easier for everyone to stay aligned, and to deliver on the organization’s mission of providing niche and mass audiences with live, relevant, and vital data.

“Our company is embracing social and using it to really drive our top line and our relationships with our customers and staff. It's a wonderful place to be,” says Chairman Lord Rothermere.


"We’ve revolutionized the way we interact with our agencies and clients."”


DMGT uses Salesforce to track and tailor sales across all their businesses. “We’ve revolutionized the way we interact with our agencies and clients,” says Lord Rothermere. “Companies that don't understand how social business technologies can greatly help their organization will find it harder to recruit talent and will lose significant competitive advantage.”

By connecting the entire global team, DMGT is embracing the future and keeping the company from becoming yesterday’s news.

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