We bring together the best technology, the best people, and the best service to provide a great delivery experience”

- Dwain McDonald, CEO at DPD
13,000 employees
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DPD provides a better service to millions of consumers with Salesforce.

DPD delivers around 260 million parcels a year on behalf of more than 6,500 brands. Every delivery is supported by a massive infrastructure, which encompasses more than 7,000 vehicles, around 13,000 colleagues, and 65 sites, including a £100m superhub that can sort up to 72,000 parcels per hour.

“We bring together the best technology, the best people, and the best service to provide a great delivery experience,” said Dwain McDonald, CEO at DPD. This commitment to excellence has helped to fuel significant growth - and there’s still more to come. McDonald, who joined DPD as a sales executive in 1988, wants to almost double current revenues to £2 billion by 2025. But he’s determined growth will not compromise the company’s award-winning reputation.

“We’re obsessed with providing a great experience to consumers and shippers; and we’ve got five million chances a week to get it right - or wrong,” said McDonald. “With Salesforce, we can make sure our services and teams are prompting more smiles and likes.” 


We needed a strategy and a solution that could support our growth ambitions. With Salesforce, we can tap into incredible insights about why and when different customers contact us. It’s made the invisible visible.”

Sinead Croke, Director of Customer Experience at DPD

DPD blazes a trail in innovation and customer engagement.

As a volume business, connecting with consumers is a massive challenge but that hasn’t deterred McDonald and the rest of the DPD management team. In fact it’s spurred them on to launch a number of trailblazing services, including one-hour delivery notifications, real-time parcel tracking, and a mobile app.  “We’ve pushed technology to the extreme to make things easier for our colleagues and customers,” said McDonald.

Putting the personality back into customer service.

The app has become a key engagement channel for consumers - there have already been more than six million downloads with another 25,000 people joining every week. Consumers as well as shippers and retailers can also contact DPD’s central customer services team if they have a query about a delivery. Around 450 service advisors handle eight million contacts a year via email, telephone, and live chat - and DPD wants every interaction to be as personal as possible. 

“We’ve banished scripts and templates and empowered advisors to add a sprinkle of their own personality to customer conversations,” said Sinead Croke, Director of Customer Experience at DPD. As a result, both advisors and customers are happier. Performance is also up: the call abandon rate is now 2% compared with 8.2% in 2016, which equates to 3,800 fewer missed calls every week.  

Chatbots and insights transform customer interactions.

Establishing a more personalised approach to customer service was part of a broader transformation that involved implementing new processes and technologies, including Service Cloud. “We needed a strategy and a solution that could support our growth ambitions,” said Croke. “With Salesforce, we can tap into incredible insights about why and when different customers contact us. It’s made the invisible visible.”

To provide a faster and smarter response to customer queries, DPD introduced live chat as  a new engagement channel in 2018. It now accounts for almost a quarter of customer contacts with around 60% of interactions handled by chatbots. “We used insights captured in Service Cloud to enable us to identify common queries that could be answered by chatbots,” explained Croke. Customers can not only use live chat to connect with service advisors but also the driver making their delivery, which improves the experience and prevents parcels being returned to the depot.

Empowering advisors with richer information.

The customer service transformation at DPD is set to continue with an upgrade to Service Cloud Lightning. “With the Lightning console, we will be able to help advisors decide on the next best action based on the status of a customer’s delivery,” explained Croke. 

DPD has already customised Service Cloud to provide advisors with additional information and options when responding to customer queries. For example, advisors can see the exact status of a parcel when they answer a customer query, which means they know if it’s likely to be a comfort contact or a complaint.  

Proactive response to customer feedback reduces complaints.

In an age where a company’s reputation is judged by the latest social media posts, addressing negative feedback is key for DPD. If a consumer gives a poor rating on the Your DPD app, it triggers a case in Service Cloud and a follow-up action.  By taking a proactive approach to customer feedback, DPD has reduced the volume of complaints by 33%.

If a delivery doesn’t go according to plan, advisors can click on the ‘sorry as a service’ button within Service Cloud. This generates a message to the DPD baker to make a personalised cookie, which is despatched within 48 hours. “With Service Cloud, we’ve moved from complaint handling to complaint management,” said Croke. “We can identify if we need to engage with specific depots or drivers to address any issues.” 

Enabling greater visibility of performance and resources.

Some issues, however, like bad weather and traffic accidents, can’t be avoided. DPD uses Chatter to ensure advisors are informed in real-time of any incidents that might impact delivery schedules. It can also use Service Cloud to match callers’ locations to any issues and provide an automated update via a recorded message.

Maximising quality and efficiency are key for providing a great customer experience. With Salesforce, DPD can ensure it has the resources to cope with peaks in demand and track performance at a team and individual level. “We have integrated and automated the quality review process and made it completely transparent, so advisors can see how they are performing against their targets,” explained Adam Hooper, Salesforce Manager at DPD. 

Engaged and efficient sales team supports growth.

DPD has also opened up the information gateways between its sales and services teams. Account managers can view data captured in Service Cloud to provide retailers with an insight into consumer engagement around deliveries.   

DPD account management and business development teams also use Sales Cloud to track prospects, share leads, manage customer accounts, and simplify billing. “With Sales Cloud, our teams are more efficient and more engaged,” said Elaine Kerr, Director of Sales and CRM at DPD. “It’s quicker to bring on new accounts, which will support our business growth goals.” 

Greater collaboration drives greater success.

DPD rebooted its use of Sales Cloud with the deployment of Lightning in 2018 along with new reporting capabilities. Instead of manually updating spreadsheets every month, the sales team can now access weekly automated reports as well as real-time personalised dashboards, which show key performance metrics per account, such as parcel volumes and profit margins. 

To help visualise and interrogate its sales data, DPD uses Tableau CRM. These insights create weekly account actions for the 300-strong sales team. DPD’s sales team also use Chatter to collaborate on customer accounts and the Salesforce Mobile App to make voice-based updates while working remotely. “I now have a single view of performance across our top 100 customers as well as the 10 newest accounts and pipeline activities,” said Kerr. “With Sales Cloud, we never lose sight of a prospect.”

With so many different sources of new leads, central visibility of the sales pipeline is essential. “Our drivers recently helped to generate 30,000 leads, which we track via a dedicated dashboard,” said Kerr. “With Sales Cloud, we can see if and when these leads are converted and measure the overall success of the campaign.”

DPD makes marketing more relevant with Salesforce.

DPD’s marketing team also track and execute campaigns and communications through Salesforce. “With Pardot, we can take a much more targeted approach than with our previous marketing tool,” said Hooper. DPD sends around 250,000 emails to shippers and retailers per month with an average open rate of 22%. It plans to expand its use of Pardot to support the sales cycle by triggering automated emails to boost customer engagement at key milestones. 

Hooper and his development colleagues use Trailhead to introduce new functionality and fast-track innovation. And innovation is a big deal at DPD whether it involves smarter sales processes or greener deliveries - the company plans to make 200,000 electric-powered deliveries in 2020.

“We want to challenge everything in 2020,” said McDonald. “With Salesforce, we can measure our impact and the customer experience to three decimal places. It makes us more creative and more agile so we can win against the competition.”


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