Retail used to be about great customer service; now it’s about great personal service. With Salesforce, we can personalise on a massive scale.”

- Dana Zingher, Co-Founder of Enclothed

Enclothed gets dressed for success with Salesforce

When Levi Young and Dana Zingher appeared on Dragons’ Den, they expected to boost awareness and win new customers. They didn’t expect to attract 6,500 prospects in 20 minutes. Working with Salesforce, the two co-founders of Enclothed have been able to respond to new customer demand and grow their business, without losing the personal touch that is so vital to their success.

“Retail used to be about great customer service; now it’s about great personal service,” said Zingher. “With Salesforce, we can personalise on a massive scale. Our stylists used to handle 100 customers each; now they can handle 700 without any degradation in customer service.”

London-based Enclothed has revolutionised the shopping experience for men. Multiple high street changing rooms have been replaced with a single box of hand-picked items delivered to the door. “Men often don't have the time or the inclination to go shopping for clothes,” explained Young. “We build a detailed profile for each customer, and match outfits to their style, brand, and size preferences.”

The concept is simple, but the execution is complex. Every customer, box, and product needs to be tracked through the sales cycle. When Zingher and Young launched Enclothed in 2013, they had a whiteboard to capture this information and a cupboard to store their stock. Now, they have Salesforce and a 3,500 square foot warehouse. “We couldn’t expand our business and continue to deliver a great customer experience without technology,” said Zingher. “With Salesforce, we can keep building.”

And that’s exactly what Enclothed has been doing since its appearance on Dragons’ Den. Although the entrepreneurs turned down the investment offer, the programme led to a massive growth spurt. In 2014, the company’s annual turnover was £90,000; it now exceeds that every single month.

“In a matter of weeks, we went from five boxes to hundreds per day,” recalled Young. “We were worried we would lose the personal touch with our customers. Salesforce was unbelievably supportive during this time. As a small business, you need good partners from the outset.”

Perfect fit

To cope with the increased demand, Enclothed increased its use of Sales Cloud. “Moving our stock and warehouse operations to Sales Cloud has been incredible; it’s transformed our business,” said Zingher. Enclothed has also created an online shop for its 9 stylists based on Sales Cloud.

Every time a stylist needs to prepare a new box, they visit the online shop to see which products are available that match the customer’s profile. They can also see feedback and returns from previous boxes, which helps hone future selections. “Returns information is really powerful. The keep rate for a first box is normally around 30%; by box number six, it’s up to 100%,” revealed Young. “The more information we can gather, the more we can personalise the customer experience.”

With Salesforce, Enclothed can bring together information from every customer touch point – from phone calls and emails to marketing campaigns and website pages. “We now have a 360-degree view of our customers and our business,” explained Zingher. “We can see where any product is at any given time, which is amazing considering we handle more than 5,000 products every week.”

Customer requests, such as order updates or address changes, are logged via Desk.com, which helps improve response times. This centralised approach means Enclothed has access to a range of performance analytics, such as customer retention rates, box volumes, and daily transaction values.

“As a startup, every day needs to be a good day,” revealed Young. “Analytics are vital for driving growth. “We can do stock, sales, and financial reporting all in real time, and look back at previous figures, which is really valuable. Our overheads would be much higher without Salesforce.”

The entrepreneurs can keep their finger on the pulse of the business even when they are out of the office, thanks to the Salesforce Mobile App. They can also stay in touch with stylists and the warehouse team. “We use Chatter to discuss new ideas, trends, and colours, so we can decide what products to order from our brands,” said Zingher. “It also means everyone can keep on top of any customer issues, which allows us to provide a more relevant and personal response.”

Tailor-made content

With plans to grow its customer base from 8,000 to 12,000 by the end of 2016, Enclothed needs to maximise every opportunity. Creating dynamic content and one-to-one journeys for both prospects and customers will be key to realising its growth ambitions. “We want every communication with a customer to be as personal as our boxes,” confirmed Young.

Enclothed has created a ‘re-engagement journey’ using Marketing Cloud, which enables it to send a targeted email to nurture prospects based on their browsing history. “We tailor the email to reflect their age, style, and where they dropped out of the customer on-boarding process,” explained Zingher. “It gives people a taste of our personal touch before they’ve even signed up.”

The startup also uses Marketing Cloud to pull together campaigns in response to current trends and customer demand. It took just five hours to develop its first ‘day at the races’ campaign, which resulted in a third of customers hitting the order button. “Prior to Marketing Cloud, we just sent a standard email to everyone; now we can personalise every single message and test different subject lines,” added Zingher. “The open rate for our races campaign was 20% higher than normal.”

By linking Marketing Cloud with Desk.com, Enclothed can ensure it doesn’t promote a product that has already been returned by a customer.

As Enclothed continues to develop more dynamic customer journeys and content, it wants to add social and mobile to the mix. “More than 60% of our customers engage with us via a mobile device,” revealed Zingher. “We want to use SMS and social media as a way to build excitement about the arrival of a new box or to follow up on returns.”

Enclothed has already integrated customers’ social media profiles with their Salesforce records to provide stylists with a greater insight into their clothing tastes. “With Salesforce, the possibilities are endless. We can plug and play as our business and customer base grows,” said Young.


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