With Salesforce we can think of something on the Friday and have it live by the Monday”

—Paul, WeedenFounder and Managing Director, Foration

Foration puts service quality first with Salesforce

IT service levels are the backbone of Foration’s business. They might not be exciting, but they do need to be exceptional or the entire business could fail.

"We work on the principle that if we deliver quality services, business growth will follow," explains Paul Weeden, Founder and Commercial Director at Foration. And follow it has: in 2013 the company doubled in size - without any sales or marketing investment.

Salesforce has played a key role in driving both growth and service excellence. Used by Foration since the company was founded in 2007, Salesforce enables rapid problem resolution for dozens of customers across the globe. Foration resolves 51 percent of cases within 30 minutes and 77 percent on the same day.

"With Service Cloud, service level management takes on a whole new dimension," comments Weeden. "We can track and measure every aspect of every service, which gives us a unique level of visibility of ongoing performance."

A window of opportunity

Foration hopes to be able to extend this visibility to its clients too through Salesforce Communities. The company already provides incredibly detailed monthly reports to its clients, the majority of which run extremely complex IT infrastructures. "It used to take us two days per month to generate client reports with Service Cloud it takes only half a day," adds Weeden.

The company is now piloting the solution to provide clients with on-demand access to service status updates and reports. "We want to be completely open with our clients," comments Weeden. "Salesforce has already provided us with a window into the entire IT support lifecycle and we want to give our clients the same insight."

The company has been able to achieve a number of other efficiency gains by using the Salesforce Platform to customise Service Cloud and enable app integrations. For example, if a clients backup routine fails, a ticket will be automatically raised in Service Cloud giving Foration a head start on resolving the problem.

"The entire engine of our business is now built on Salesforce, which has helped to keep costs low and service levels high. Enabling more integrations is a key focus as we want to make our processes as repeatable, reliable and scalable as possible," concludes Weeden.


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