H.R. Owen

With Salesforce, we’re no longer relying on instinct; we have the data to back up our decisions.”

- Chris Harris, Marketing Director, H.R. Owen

H.R. Owen races ahead with Salesforce

When you’re selling best-in-class cars, customers expect a best-in-class experience. And with Salesforce, that’s exactly what H.R. Owen delivers.

An integrated experience

With Sales Cloud, H.R Owen can bring together different customer engagement channels to provide a seamless experience.

“Our online enquiry form is integrated with Sales Cloud, so potential leads are automatically logged and assigned to a sales person,” comments Harris. “We also provide different contact numbers on different websites the number dialled by the customer is logged on Sales Cloud so we know the source of every lead.”

Sales Cloud will recognise if the call is from an existing customer and automatically display their details, including the cars they have purchased, service history and whether they have raised any complaints.

“Historically the motor trade industry has been all about the cars – for us it’s now all about the customer,” says Harris. This customer-focused approach has helped put H.R. Owen in the fast lane to success: operating profits grew 42 percent in 2012 and 63 percent in 2013. It has also helped H.R Owen achieve an average Net Promoter Score of +71, which demonstrates the satisfaction of its customers and the value of its services.

A united business

Salesforce has been a key driver in enabling this success and culture change. It has not only empowered individual sales representatives but also united entire teams.

“We can all view the same information on Sales Cloud, which means there are no more siloes,” comments Harris. “We can invest, analyse and act as one, which has resulted in a more connected – and successful - business.”

Using Salesforce’s different dashboards, H.R. Owen can track this success at an indvidual, dealership and company level. This means it can address any performance issues quickly and provide more accurate reports to its partners.

“We’re no longer relying on instinct we have the data to back up our decisions,” confirms Harris. “Salesforce has helped us become pioneers in the motor trade, and will help us keep that status as the industry evolves.”


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