With Salesforce, we can help charities realise their full fundraising potential”

-Richard Atkinson, CIO, JustGiving

JustGiving fast-tracks fundraising for 13,000 charities

Janet is about to tackle her first ever triathlon. She wants every kilometre that she runs, swims and cycles to benefit a good cause. But Janet needs help finding a local charity that she cares about. And she needs to encourage all her friends and family to make donations.

Working with Salesforce, JustGiving has revolutionised how it engages with people like Janet and the charities they are trying to help. As Richard Atkinson, CIO for JustGiving, explains: “We can help people find the causes they care about and help causes find new supporters, which ultimately means more donations.”

JustGiving has already enabled more than 21 million people to raise $3 billion in the space of 13 years. In some UK towns, more than half of the adult population made a donation with JustGiving during 2014.

With both the number of registered users and charities growing significantly year-on-year, there’s still a lot of generosity to be unlocked. “With Salesforce, we can scale our processes in line with our global growth plans without having to employ an army of people,” says Atkinson.

Fostering a community spirit

At the heart of JustGiving’s new global approach is a dedicated community for the 13,000 charities currently registered with the organisation. JustGiving for Causes went live in August 2014 and is underpinned by Salesforce Community Cloud.

The new community has transformed how JustGiving onboards and communicates with charities. “With Salesforce, we can bring charities online faster, which means people can support and connect with them faster too,” comments Atkinson. “As soon as a charity signs on the dotted line, they appear on our website. There’s no batch process there’s no human intervention.”

Using Sales Cloud, every new charity is assigned an ‘account’ as part of the on-boarding process, which aids ongoing relationship management.

The JustGiving for Causes site also provides analytics that help charities monitor their performance – and see how they compare with similar organisations.

“With Community Cloud, we can spot if a charity looks like it’s under-performing and fire off a tailored email with some advice,” says Atkinson. “Previously we could only send out a standard monthly newsletter.”

Inspiring greater generosity

JustGiving is also adding a personal touch to communicating with its 10 million supporters, this time with Marketing Cloud. As Atkinson explains: “We’re now seeing open rates of up to 70 percent for some emails and click-throughs at three times what you’d expect for a standard newsletter.”

By tracking how people respond to emails and engage on other channels, JustGiving will be able to build up a picture of each individual’s journey. “With Salesforce, we no longer have to make assumptions based on crude segmentation or out-moded rules of thumb we have the data to prove what’s happening,” says Atkinson.

With smartphones and tablets accounting for around 70 percent of online traffic, JustGiving is keen to take its new personalised approach mobile – for both charities and supporters.

“We’re deploying our first mobile app for supporters and will be using Marketing Cloud to send out automated notifications every time a new donation is made. We’re also looking at how the Salesforce Mobile App might be used as an extra engagement channel for charities,” explains Atkinson. “We’ve got lots of exciting ideas, and Salesforce will help us make them a reality - and help charities realise their full fundraising potential.”


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