Oodle Car Finance

Salesforce super-charges innovation by making everyone a builder. This is vital to our entrepreneurial spirit and the continued growth of the company.”

- Alistair Stead, CTO, Oodle Car Finance

Oodle Car Finance accelerates car lending process and business growth with greater digitalisation

Buying a second-hand car can be fraught with roadblocks. You’ve got to find the right car, the right dealer, and the right finance package. Get any of these wrong, and you could end up losing money or the car of your dreams.

Oodle Car Finance is blazing a trail in the car financing industry and improving the customer experience with digital engagement, exceptional service, and efficient loan approvals and payouts. “We’re building a seamless journey for customers, so they can have greater choice and more confidence in the process,” explained Suma Bhattacharya, Head of Consumer Business at Oodle Car Finance. “We’re nurturing stronger relationships with our end customers as well as dealerships to ensure better outcomes for everyone.”


With Salesforce, we now have a system that can keep up with our ambitions, and improve our speed to deliver.”

Jonny Clayton, CEO, Oodle Car Finance

Putting the customer in the driving seat

The car financing company was launched in summer 2016, with the aim of building a brand that people can recognise – and trust. With customers increasingly starting the car buying process online, Oodle Car Finance wants to maximise its digital footprint.

“Providing great service needs both great technology and great people – we don’t ever want to lose the human touch,” said Alistair Stead, CTO at Oodle Car Finance. And that’s why Oodle still offers customers the chance to talk to a friendly voice at the end of telephone alongside its various digital engagement channels.

“We’re trying to do new things in the market, but, to make them happen, we need a solution that supports continuous innovation - without limitations,” said Stead. Oodle’s existing CRM system lacked the flexibility it needed to achieve its ambitions. “Salesforce was easy to set up and easy to integrate. Thanks to the App Exchange, it will also be easy to build upon,” explained Stead. “It is far more than just a CRM system; it supports almost every aspect of our business.”

Increased efficiency and customer focus

From how dealers submit proposals to how employees engage with customers, Oodle has not only transformed its processes but also its business. “Salesforce has enabled us to centralise our processes and put the customer at the heart of our business,” said Bhattacharya. “It’s used by dealer services, customer services, collections, risk, and legal teams – basically everyone.”

The teams use a combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud featuring the Lightning experience. “With Lightning, we can provide our users with a responsive and modern interface that helps them work faster and smarter,” said Stead.

Simplifying the loan management process

This increased efficiency has helped to shorten loan distribution times. The entire loan management process is now powered by Salesforce - from the moment a dealer sends a proposal through to credit checks and payouts. “Once a customer has found their dream car, they don't want to wait for weeks for a loan to be approved,” said Bhattacharya. “With Salesforce, we can shorten and simplify the loan management cycle for both dealers and car buyers.”

Speed, however, is not the only consideration – Oodle is committed to ensuring great customer outcomes are at the core of everything it does.   Salesforce enforces and streamlines workflows to ensure key steps are completed and interactions are captured - providing a comprehensive recording and monitoring system.

Better visibility for dealers

Greater automation and digitalisation of the loan management process has made it much easer for dealers to work with Oodle. The company has even introduced an online dealer community, built on Community Cloud and Chatter, to enable dealers to track current customer applications and submit new proposals.

“Our goal is to create a community of high quality dealerships that our customers can trust,” said Bhattacharya. “Via the community, we can continue to keep in close contact with dealerships as we grow. It enables two-way conversations, so we can better understand what’s happening on the forecourt.”

The dealer onboarding processes has also been simplified, with communications and checks managed via Sales Cloud. To improve ongoing email communications with its dealers, Oodle plans to use Pardot.


Customer-centric service

Oodle wants to stay more connected with its customers, providing a customer-centric service offering. With Service Cloud and App Exchange apps, Oodle can ensure telephone calls and emails are all linked to a customer record, giving its team a holistic view of the customer at a click of a button.

“With Service Cloud, the team can focus on helping customers, rather than trying to find the right information. It helps us to respond faster and smarter,” said Bhattacharya. “We’re also building an online customer community with Community Cloud, so they can engage with us digitally.”

Innovation without limitations

With all interactions and analytics logged centrally, Oodle’s leaders can tap into new metrics to evaluate and improve service quality. “We no longer have to waste time wrangling with disparate data and spreadsheets,” said Stead. “We’ve empowered team leaders to generate their own custom reports in Salesforce. People love it as it makes their jobs so much easier.”

To boost user empowerment even further, Oodle is starting to embed Salesforce Trailhead learning paths into its standard employee training and induction processes, with plans to build its own portal on MyTrailhead in the future. “One of our key trailblazing values at Oodle is that everyone is a builder,” said Stead. “With Salesforce, everyone can contribute and suggest improvement - it super-charges innovation. This is vital to our entrepreneurial spirit and the continued growth and development of the company.”


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