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PensionBee takes the sting out of saving for retirement with trailblazing mobile app

You can check your bank balance with the click of an app; but checking your pension pot is a lot more complex and often involves reams of paper. PensionBee is changing all that. “Our mission is to make pensions simple and engaging,” said Jasper Martens, CMO of PensionBee. “We’re helping people take control of their pensions.”

And there’s not a piece of paper in sight.

PensionBee is revolutionising the pensions industry with a modern, mobile-based experience that enables people to combine different pension pots into a single online plan. Using the PensionBee app, which is built on Heroku, a part of the Salesforce Platform, customers can quickly and easily check their current pot size, projected retirement income, and set up contributions.

“Salesforce is the beating heart of PensionBee,” said Martens. “We can optimise both our business and the customer journey. The more efficient we get, the more customers we can help.” PensionBee has already signed up 350,000 customers in just four years.

PensionBee is a hive of innovation with Salesforce.

Salesforce has been part of the PensionBee success story since day one. Romi Savova founded the company in 2014 after struggling to move her pension when she changed jobs. “We needed a flexible and scalable platform that would support the automation and modelling of our business processes,” said CTO and co-founder Jonathan Lister Parsons. “With Salesforce, we can tap into a great ecosystem of resources and enable continuous innovation.”

PensionBee has certainly made the most of these resources. From onboarding customers and consolidating pensions to administering plans and calculating fees, Salesforce simplifies and enriches the day-to-day operations of PensionBee.

Digitalisation makes the complex simple.

At least 30 million people in the UK have pensions, many of them sitting in fragmented – and even forgotten – plans. Locating and aggregating these pension pots is core to PensionBee’s success. Lister Parsons has built a Trailblazing pension administration app using Salesforce to simplify this and many other core processes.

Since launching the app, Honeycomb, PensionBee has been able to slash the time spent on administration by 75%. “Pensions are very complicated with money moving in and out of plans on a regular basis,” explained Lister Parsons. “With Honeycomb, we can digitalise the management of our customers’ pension plans and track every financial transaction.”

Pensions transfers and trades are bundled together for processing at the end of each day, which can equate to thousands of separate processes that need to run on customer accounts. As PensionBee continues to grow, so will its data processing needs – and Salesforce will be instrumental in supporting Honeycomb to scale with business demand.

Flexible technology enables growth.

PensionBee is currently doubling in size each year and shows no signs of slowing down. Maintaining this kind of momentum requires an agile and inclusive technology foundation in which everyone is empowered to drive continuous improvement.

“Efficiency is vital to sustain our current growth trajectory – we need as many people actively improving our processes, products and services as possible. The visual nature of tools like Process Builder and Flow Builder have empowered non-technical teams to create huge amounts of value using clicks instead of code,” said Lister Parsons.

Mobile app provides real-time balance updates.

The balance of technology and human-centric services has been critical to PensionBee’s growth strategy. “Automating certain processes has let us scale and grow at our current rate,” explained CEO, Romi Savova. “But it’s the way we integrate those efficiencies with a hands-on approach to customer service that delivers the best outcomes for our customers.” 

BeeKeepers – dedicated account managers – oversee the account setup and funds transfer from start to finish for every customer, keeping in touch via live chat, email, or by phone. Customers can then see when their funds have been transferred on the PensionBee app, which is built on Heroku. 

“Customers love having their pension in their pocket,” said Martens. “Many of them log in weekly to check their balance and a third make monthly contributions averaging £300 a month.” To ensure balances are displayed in real-time, PensionBee uses Heroku Connect to sync data between Service Cloud and its mobile app.

A true customer-first approach. 

With over 350,000 customers (and many more in the sign-up process), PensionBee wanted a way to service everyone in a truly digital way, and across any channel. So, the team chose Service Cloud. Now, teams have one consolidated place to manage and optimise every customer experience, journey and relationship. 

“Service Cloud allows us to take a holistic approach to customer centricity. We can effortlessly monitor and refine macro trends and micro behaviours into clear improvement opportunities. It means we can respond quickly to individual customer needs while also making larger product changes with absolute confidence,” explained Priyal Kanabar, Customer Research Manager.

For example, PensionBee recently analysed its performance against the Financial Conduct Authority’s guidance on treating customers fairly. “Using Service Cloud, I easily built a dashboard that gave me visibility into our performance,” said Kanabar. “Knowing metrics – like how long it takes a customer to transfer their pension out – is instrumental in supporting our company ethos: giving people freedom over their pensions.”

Faster and simpler website changes.

PensionBee’s website is underpinned by Heroku, which means updates can be applied in record time. “We have a red button in the office that we press every time a change goes live,” revealed Lister Parsons. “Sometimes the button gets pressed five times a day. Heroku has really stepped up our agility.”

Thanks to Heroku’s simple interface and GitHub integration, changes can be executed by PensionBee’s marketing and product teams without involving any developers. “If there’s volatility in the market, we can post a topical blog to keep our customers informed,” added Lister Parsons.

Personalised content enriches customer onboarding.

PensionBee uses personalised content and journeys to better nurture prospects and onboard customers. “With Marketing Cloud, we can carry out personalised on-boarding on a massive scale,” explained Martens. “It enables us to send tailored messages that are more likely to grab people’s attention.”

And the personalised approach is already reaping rewards. In January 2019, around 15% of new customers sign-ups were triggered by emails from Marketing Cloud. PensionBee used Trailhead and Salesforce Accelerators to maximise the potential of Marketing Cloud, which went live in 2018. And that’s not all. PensionBee used Marketing Cloud Connector to bring the platform’s capabilities into Service Cloud. This enables the team to have all customer data in one place, while ensuring every prospect and customer receives relevant, personalised message, regardless of what stage of the journey they’re in.

As a regulated company, PensionBee needs to ensure the integrity of customer records. With Salesforce Shield, it can track changes to website fields and recover lost data. It also uses a range of apps from the AppExchange to simplify processes such as friend referrals, customer satisfaction ratings, and contract signings.

“Salesforce provides us with an environment where it’s easy to achieve a high level of trust,” said Lister Parsons.

Happy customers love having a pension in their pocket.

By continuing to automate and digitalise repetitive tasks, PensionBee is tripling the number of customers that its service team can handle every year. “Salesforce has helped us turn an archaic paper-based process into a real-time experience. We’ve brought pensions kicking and screaming into the digital age,” explained Martens.

And PensionBee’s customers love the transformation. The company has a 4.7/5 Excellent Trustpilot score, an NPS rating of 50, and a retention rate of 95% – statistics unheard of in the pensions industry. “Our customers are engaging with their pensions in an entirely new way,” said Martens. “With Salesforce, we’ve been able to create a pension solution that people want and that suits their lives.”


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