With Salesforce, we can bring greater accuracy and visibility to our validation process, freeing up our pharmacists to spend more time checking new prescriptions and advising patients.”

Tim Morgan, Superintendent Pharmacist at PillTime


service agents support 10,000 customers


PillTime simplifies prescriptions for more patients with Salesforce

Michael has a number of chronic health conditions, which means he has to take different medications throughout the day. Thanks to PillTime and its simple pouch system, Michael can be sure he’s taking the right dose at the right time.

PillTime has revolutionised how thousands of patients across the UK manage their repeat prescriptions with its dispensing robots and personalised medication pouches, which specify doses and timings. And with Salesforce, it can bring its trailblazing approach to even more people. “Our customers are prescribed an average of seven different medications, which can be difficult to manage at home without any support,” said Tim Morgan, Superintendent Pharmacist at PillTime. “Our pouches make it easier for people to adhere to their medication routine, so they can better manage their health.”

Service Cloud has been a complete game-changer. It’s transformed the customer experience and had a big impact on satisfaction levels.”

Karen Park, Head of Customer Services at PillTime

Robots safeguard prescription accuracy.

Medication adherence is a massive issue - especially for patients with long-term health conditions. It’s estimated that up to half of all medicines are not taken as intended, which costs the NHS around £300 million a year. But there’s a personal cost too: 1 in 10 medicine-related harm incidents in older people following discharge are due to non-adherence.

Prescribing errors by community pharmacies can also have a severe impact on a patient’s health, which is why PillTime uses the latest technology to ensure the accuracy of every one of the 45,000 pouches it dispenses per month. As well as using robots to do visual checks on every pouch, PillTime has integrated Salesforce with its patient and warehouse management systems to enable automated checks of patient prescriptions.

“We deal with thousands of repeat prescriptions every month,” explained Morgan. “With Salesforce, we can bring greater accuracy and visibility to our validation process, freeing up our pharmacists to spend more time checking new prescriptions and advising patients.”

PillTime supports patients through pandemic.

The ability to process large volumes of prescriptions as efficiently as possible will be critical as PillTime continues to grow. The online pharmacy saw a massive surge in customer registrations and orders during the COVID-19 pandemic; it also experienced a massive increase in customer contacts. “At the start of lockdown, everyone was worried about getting their prescriptions on time,” explained Karen Park, Head of Customer Services at PillTime. “Calls to our customer service team went up by 600% and emails by 800% almost overnight.”

With Service Cloud, PillTime can centrally log every customer interaction across every channel, including social conversations and live chat sessions. PillTime boosted its live chat capabilities during the pandemic with the implementation of an Einstein chatbot, which helps to redirect customers to self-service sources where appropriate. “More than half of live chat queries are now handled by our chatbot,” commented Park. “We can also respond to social posts directly from Service Cloud, which saves the team a lot of time and enables us to provide a consistent customer experience across multiple channels.” And with just eight service agents supporting around 10,000 customers, time is at a premium.

Better visibility reduces customer response times from days to hours.

In the past, prescription queries from customers had to be referred to PillTime’s dispensing team. “It could take up to three days to get a response,” commented Park. “We can now resolve the majority of calls ourselves within a couple of hours. The agents can see prescription dates and items as well as dispatched orders and any queries raised with GP surgeries via their Service Cloud dashboards.“

PillTime also has better visibility of why customers get in touch in the first place. “By categorising our cases, we can pinpoint any processes that need to be improved. We can also tap into reports and metrics to help us better manage customer service workloads and resources,” said Park. “Service Cloud has been a complete game-changer. It’s transformed the customer experience and had a big impact on satisfaction levels.”

Community empowers patients to manage prescriptions.

PillTime plans to use the data captured in Service Cloud to expand the functionality of its customer community. Built on Community Cloud, it currently enables patients to securely track their prescriptions and update their personal details. But Park and the team have grand plans for the future: “I basically want to do myself out of a job! I want to give patients more control over managing their prescriptions and interactions with PillTime via our community. I want them to be able to define their own customer experience.”

The community already plays a central role in the onboarding process for new customers. “Our online registration form is hosted in Community Cloud, which means we no longer have to input data manually,” explained Mike MacDowell, Technical Lead at PillTime. “It’s saved a lot of time and reduced the risk of errors.”

A faster and smarter registration process will be key as PillTime partners with more care homes, which often involves onboarding lots of patients concurrently. “More than one billion prescription items are dispensed in the UK by community pharmacies and healthcare professionals every year,” commented Morgan. “The potential for PillTime is huge and we expect to see exponential growth.”

PillTime shines a light on patient wellbeing.

Unlocking new efficiencies and insights are top of the priority list for PillTime as it gears up for growth. “Eventually we want everything to flow through Salesforce, so we can give customers real-time updates on the status of their orders,” said MacDowell. “By putting Salesforce at the heart of our fulfilment process, we’ll be able to ship prescriptions faster and collaborate better.”

PillTime is also looking at how it could use Tableau CRM to understand the past and predict the future. But for PillTime, innovation is not just about making smarter use of technology; it’s also about helping people make smarter choices about their health. “We want to do more than just dispense medications, we want to help people make positive lifestyle changes,” explained Morgan. “With Salesforce, we can help more patients access the medications and support they need to improve their wellbeing.”


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