Salesforce enables us to easily embrace new ideas and processes while supporting greater collaboration across our business and student communities.”

- Andrei Sharonov, Dean of the Moscow School of Management, SKOLKOVO

As Russia’s only private business school, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO doesn’t follow trends - it creates them. Based in Moscow, the school develops new approaches to business and education that are replicated by industry leaders.

To lead by example, it must demonstrate the highest levels of efficiency and productivity. With Salesforce, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO can do just that.

“Managing customer relationships is a key process as it enables us to establish and maintain a smart and dynamic environment around the school, encouraging change leaders to communicate and exchange ideas and experiences,” says Andrei Sharonov, Dean of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

Sales Cloud is used by almost every department at the business school to manage relationships, marketing campaigns, sales and events.

This centralised approach has enabled the school to achieve significant efficiency gains. For example, selecting and inviting guests for major networking events used to take up to two weeks. With Salesforce, it’s done in two hours.

Events are an important channel for the school to engage with business communities and students. It hosts around 300 functions every year, attracting a total of 10,000 attendees.

"With Salesforce, we can easily search amongst our partners, faculty, students and alumni to identify who might be interested in attending a particular event,” comments Elizaveta Vakhoshina, Senior CRM Manager at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

Through integration with an emailing marketing tool, Sales Cloud then enables the events team to not only send out invitations but also manage attendees' QR codes and registration forms.

Salesforce also helps the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO ensure its courses and events are relevant and inspiring. The school has just 13 tenured faculty members and relies on guest lecturers and speakers for much of its teaching.

“We use Sales Cloud to search our contacts base for appropriate speakers and to collate feedback. If a lecturer proves unpopular with students, we won’t use them again,” explains Vakhoshina.

As easy as ABC

Sales processes have also been significantly streamlined with Salesforce. With a diverse educational programme, the business school must engage with both individual students and entire companies.

"Using Salesforce we no longer lose leads and can track their status so we have a better insight into the pipeline for business analytics,” explains Ivan Kondrashov, Business Analyst at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Thanks to this centralised visibility, the business school now has three times as many sales leads in its database and a much higher conversion rate.

Sales teams can access this and other information on their iPads while travelling to customer sites around Russia, and make updates without having to return to the office, enabling a mobile workforce.

The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO also uses Salesforce to track the registration and enrolment process, and manage communication throughout the duration of a student’s course. Even once a student graduates, their details are kept on record so the business school can maintain contact and track their career path – alumni success is key to their reputation.

“Salesforce helps us to build a network connecting our students, so we can keep in touch and share our inspiring achievements,” says Sharonov.

These capabilities are helping Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO to establish a reputation for excellence and lead the way in business education in Russia. “We’re a young organisation and extremely dynamic," comments Kondrashov. "Salesforce reflects this attitude – it enables us to easily embrace new ideas and new processes while supporting greater collaboration across our business and student communities. This will help us retain our reputation for innovation and success in the future.”

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