With Salesforce, we can innovate and evolve faster, which is vital in the fast-paced recruitment industry.”

– Lance Fisher, CIO

SThree fills job vacancies faster with Salesforce

Recruitment is all about matching the right candidates to the right roles. By using Salesforce to digitise and mobilise this process, it allows SThree to match millions of CVs against each vacancy in a matter of seconds. This innovative approach makes the whole process much more efficient and customer focused.

With ambitions to become the most profitable recruitment agency in the world, every second counts for SThree. As Lance Fisher, CIO at SThree, explained: “Speed is essential in our business. We’ve collected more than 11 million CVs over the years, and need to be able to search them quickly and easily.”

With client, vacancy, candidate, and placement data spread across multiple systems, SThree was losing valuable time piecing everything together. “The recruitment industry is very diverse but highly competitive – we’re up against everyone from global franchises to one-man-bands,” said Fisher. “We’ve always been a leader, and the right technology gives us the edge we need.”

The legacy systems were also costly and complex to maintain, and not designed for a mobile workforce. “Recruiters are regularly out of the office meeting clients. Without access to candidate information and other data while on the move, certain tasks couldn’t be completed until they returned to the office, which was far from efficient,” added Fisher.

Just the job

SThree is a global Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) staffing specialist that placed more than 6,400 employees as well as thousands of contractors in 2015. To empower its 2,300 recruiters around the world, SThree has looked at innovative ways to improve efficiencies and allow its recruiters to access everything in one single app. “Technology is key to helping us achieving our ambitions,” said Fisher. “With Salesforce, we can innovate faster and stay at the forefront of the industry.”

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 was a key factor for SThree when selecting Salesforce. “We wanted a solution that supported social, mobile, analytics, and the cloud. We quickly worked out we could do it all with Salesforce,” added Fisher.

Built on Salesforce Salesforce Platform, the new app supports the entire recruitment lifecycle – from capturing vacancy details and placing adverts to matching candidates and arranging interviews. “With the new app, we can make faster and better matches, which increases our competitive advantage,” added Fisher.

Chatter was used throughout the development of the app, which meant recruiters could provide instant feedback and request new features. “It’s really quick and simple to make changes on the fly with Salesforce Platform. It empowers our recruiters to be part of the innovation cycle,” said Fisher. “With our legacy systems, it took up to three months to incorporate a user request. Now it takes just two weeks.”

To support the app, SThree had to undertake a major data migration effort. “This was a specialised and large project for us, but we’ve ended up with a great app and all our data in Salesforce Platform,” added Fisher.

Employing new processes

The app has also freed recruiters up from inputting data into multiple systems. With all clients, candidates and jobs captured in the same place, recruiters can access all the information they need to follow up on the app’s automated matches. Every contact with potential candidates and clients is logged to provide a comprehensive history and improve customer experience. “Thanks to the app, our recruiters can spend more time developing client relationships and filling vacancies. They aren’t just more productive, they are happier and more satisfied,” said Fisher.

Improving its back office processes is next on the agenda for SThree. “The landscape of the business is changing,” explained Fisher. “We now have 8,000 external contractors out there. Providing them with mobile-enabled timesheets will ensure this information is more accurate and more timely.”

The company’s marketing team is also eager to take advantage of Salesforce to maximise success rates, with Marketing Cloud in its sights.

“We can now do a lot more, a lot more easily, but without the need to invest a lot more money,” said Fisher. “With Salesforce, we can focus on the right opportunities to grow our business. It has set us up for the future.”


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