Tandridge District Council

Our new master data management system ensures that everyone is taking action and making decisions based on the data.”

Elaine Jackson | Interim Director of Transformation - Tandridge District Council

Tandridge District Council is a Trailblazer in delivering traditional local government services with modern efficiency.

Tandridge District Council is a local government organisation located in Surrey, England, approximately 40 miles south of London.  It oversees everything from housing services (think: managing rental payments, repair services, housing advice), to environmental concerns (air quality, pest control, light and noise pollution), business licensing, parks and open spaces, and more for the 82,000+ people living in its towns, villages, and neighborhoods. “Delivering services that deliver immediate, tangible benefits for our residents keeps our communities thriving,” said Elaine Jackson, Interim Director of Transformation for Tandridge District Council. “And thriving communities are critical to the health and prosperity of our nation, so our work is quite significant.”

The Council is celebrating the beginning of a transformation journey – starting with the very foundation – which is no small feat given the current trends impacting UK local councils.

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The new financial landscape for local councils.

Over the last 10 years, the funding available from the UK Government for councils like Tandridge has been reduced. As a result, councils have needed to review the range of services they provide, and unlock new levels of efficiency. 

At the same time, citizens have been asking for more. 

As timely, personalized, app-ready service models have become the new norm, they redefined what we as a society consider to be a quality customer experience. People have come to expect 24-7 service, on-demand, based on their profile, launched from their smartphone, from all industries – government included. “We are a citizen-facing organisation, which means we are being asked to provide the kind of new and innovative services one might get from the latest startup,” said Jackson. 

The end result: a squeeze effect that is pushing local government to do more with less. In order to successfully navigate this environment, Tandridge “needed an imaginative, cost effective solution that could not only deliver the benefits of our financial business case, but also meet the technical requirements that define Tandridge’s vision,” said Jackson.

“We needed a solution that could enable self-service models, meeting internal efficiency goals and external service expectations alike. And it had to integrate with our existing back-office infrastructure and make the delivery of service simple and straightforward, shifting precious budgetary spend from maintenance and operations to service and experience. ” Jackson continued.

A data-first platform on the cloud.

Tandridge deployed a master data management system on Salesforce. It is a cloud-based CRM and case management system that integrates the front-end user experience and back-office infrastructure. This gives the team a modern and digital platform to deliver the following:

  • Citizen relations: accounts are created in Sales Cloud each time a citizen makes an inquiry or service request. Data collected about that citizen is stored in a profile, creating a 360-degree view of their concerns, engagements, and preferences. “We use this to see the big picture around our residents, helping us better understand how they engage with their local council– insights which we can then apply to developing future services,” said Jackson. 

  • Case management: when an inquiry or service request requires a more extensive follow up, a case is initiated in Service Cloud. Automated routing and guided steps walk employees through the workflow, moving from intake to servicing to resolution. Knowledge articles serve up answers to frequently asked questions, which then can be incorporated into status update messages and email notifications pushed to citizens automatically. 

  • Digital platform: APIs from the Salesforce Platform enable the data management system to integrate with third-party systems, bringing historical data into the given profile or case. “For example, we use Academy as our Council Tax back office system. This integration allows us to pull live and historic data into a given profile or case,” said Jackson. “And, because this is all digital, we can pull reports on case resolution stats, performance indicators, and more using Salesforce’s integrated dashboard functionality.”

All of this will be available shortly  in a mobile, self-service model, meaning employees can provide a quality service experience from the field just as easily as they could from their desk. Likewise, residents can initiate service requests while on the go, giving them the opportunity to capture real-time environmental concerns and context in their ask.  

Real results lead to meaningful benefits across Tandridge.

This strategy has unlocked more transparency, making it easier for management teams to compare caseloads and adjust workloads accordingly. This not only helps the team deliver even faster service, but also gives individual employees the tools and information they need to deliver effective customer service.

“Our new master data management system ensures that everyone – citizens, employees, executives, and stakeholders – are taking action and making decisions based on the data,” said Jackson. “It keeps us focused on the activity that matters most, fostering a much-needed culture of productivity and efficiency.” 


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