We’re always innovating. Salesforce helps us move at high speed.”


In the intensely competitive communications space, faster close rates for your sales team can have a huge impact. With a field team of thousands selling a complex array of products across 29 states, Time Warner Cable has continually innovated and fine-tuned its processes, using Salesforce to arm its sales team with great customer relationship management tools where they need them most — in the field. “There’s no question, with Salesforce we’re more efficient,” says Dave Schwehm, Vice President of Community Solutions. The company’s field sales team moves door-to-door — even in inclement weather — to sell bundled packages of video, Internet, IntelligentHome, and phone service. With Salesforce Salesforce Platform, they can conduct all their business through iPads or smart phones. “We can manage all of our processes — approvals, contracts, signatures — electronically in Salesforce,” explains Schwehm. “Having everything at a rep’s fingertips — wherever they are — helps them work faster and be more effective.” Field sales benefits from the ability to get fast and reliable data, such as territory maps that help them organize their time in the field. They can also fully complete orders online with customers and not engage other service reps, improving sales performance. Mobile devices are also opening the door for more compelling and interactive sales presentations. “Salesforce made it possible for our reps to use iPads,” explains Schwehm. “Now they can connect with customers and show them ways to enjoy what they love better; whether through video, Internet, or other innovative Time Warner Cable products.”


We can manage all of our processes — approvals, contracts, signatures — electronically in Salesforce.”


Time Warner also has a team dedicated to MDUs (multi-dwelling units) that visits apartment complexes to ensure access and availability for individual subscribers. For the MDU team, the ability to share information with apartment owners and managers — typically through Web portals — is critical. “20+ percent of our business is from apartments,” explains Schwehm. “Understanding these opportunities has a positive impact on our business.” Time Warner Cable is using Salesforce in many more ways across the company. Reps in the business-to-business division use the Sales Cloud for analytics and forecasting. And, the marketing team is starting to use parts of the Marketing Cloud to monitor conversations on social networks and participate in conversations about the brand. “We’re always innovating,” says Schwehm. “Salesforce helps us move at high speed.”

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