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"Salesforce has broken down organisational walls, empowering everybody to work more effectively together."

- Chris McClellan

CEO, RAM Tracking

Shorter sales cycles, faster customer on-boarding and smarter marketing campaigns help fleet management company clock up 50 percent growth

Seven years after it was founded, RAM Tracking hit a roadblock. Although the economy was improving, the company was unable to take advantage of new opportunities. Salesforce helped put the company back on track. Sales are up. Satisfaction rates are up. Service levels are up. And RAM Tracking is in the fast lane for success.

As Chris McClellan, CEO at RAM Tracking, confirms: “The benefits we’ve achieved with Salesforce have far exceeded our original expectations, but we’ve only scratched the surface. We’re now on the fast track for transformation and growth.”

Thanks to Salesforce and RAM Tracking’s gamification model, the company’s sales increased significantly in 2015, resulting in 50 per cent growth.

RAM Tracking helps corporate customers manage their vans, trucks and lorries with state-of-the-art GPS systems. Founded in Leeds in 2004 with just three employees, RAM Tracking now has 80 members of staff in the UK and Canada – and it is still expanding.

The company, however, has not always been in the fast lane for growth. As McClellan reveals: “We were hit heavily by the economic climate, and when opportunities for growth improved, we found ourselves held back by our own infrastructure.”

Reliant on manual processes and disparate systems, RAM Tracking lacked both visibility and velocity. “It was a bit of a nightmare to be honest,” confesses McClellan. “There was friction between departments, and where there should have been management information there was just a big black hole.”

McClellan recognised that something had to be done to transform the business – and that something was Salesforce. “We knew Salesforce would make it easier for us to do business; we just didn’t realise how much,” adds McClellan.

With Salesforce, RAM Tracking hasn't just improved its processes; it’s improved lead to sale time, sales conversion rates, and customer satisfaction levels. And it’s fostered a stronger team spirit that is founded on shared goals for success.

“We have halved the time it takes to make a sale from 35 to 18 days, and reduced installation time from 21 to 13 days,” reveals McClellan.

Gearing up for growth

RAM Tracking deployed Salesforce in June 2012. Sales Cloud was already being used at a basic level by the Canadian office, but this would be a much broader implementation that would eventually encompass not only Sales Cloud, but also Service Cloud, the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce Chatter.

“Sales Cloud offered out-of-the-box functionality that would have taken significant time and expense to achieve with any other CRM solution,” says McClellan. “With help from a Salesforce partner, we were up and running in the UK within 10 days!”

Sales Cloud is now used by more than 40 employees across RAM Tracking’s telemarketing, sales and management teams in both the UK and Canada. “Based on previous experiences with other systems, we did have some concerns around adoption. But once we saw how easy it was to use Sales Cloud, we realised adoption would be a breeze,” comments McClellan.

By integrating Sales Cloud with the company’s website, new leads can be automatically logged for follow-up by the telemarketing team. Once the lead is converted to a qualified opportunity, customer details are passed over to the field sales team.

Using Sales Cloud means that both the telemarketer and field sales representative have end-to-end visibility of the current progress with each customer – even when they are working remotely. As both roles are commission-based, this has eliminated the flow of emails requesting status updates. It also ensures leads don’t fall through the gaps.

“We have complete transparency with Sales Cloud – and it’s actually been quite enlightening,” says McClellan. “We have been able to identify weaknesses in our processes or where additional training is needed. As a result, our sales conversion rate is getting better all the time.”

Game on

Apps from the AppExchange have also enhanced sales performance. RAM Tracking has introduced the concept of ‘gamification’ to complement financial incentives. As McClellan explains: “Gamification enables us to tap into the competitive nature of our team and motivate them to excel even further.”

Via the app, sales teams can see their own performance and compare it to their peers on a company-wide dashboard, while their managers can drill down into departmental data see if growth plans remain on track.

“Sales teams find it easier to meet their targets with Salesforce, which means they are earning more than ever before,” comments McClellan. “They also feel a greater sense of accomplishment, which results in a stronger team spirit and a better working atmosphere.”

The gamification model has also been extended to the company’s service team – this time through integration with Service Cloud – and has led to similar benefits.

RAM Tracking’s eight-strong service team is benchmarked on various KPIs, such as first call resolution rates and the percentage of issues resolved within two hours.

“Service excellence is fundamental for growing the reputation of our business,” comments McClellan. “Using Service Cloud and the gamification app, we have been able to drive greater performance across our services operation, which means a faster response for our customers and a lower operational overhead for us.”

For example, response and resolution times have greatly improved, while customer service delivery costs have decreased by 14 percent. .

Driving greater efficiency

As well as using Salesforce to transform front-office processes, RAM Tracking has streamlined its back-office resulting in considerable efficiency gains.

The entire admin and accounts payable function is now underpinned by the Salesforce – from the generation and authorisation of purchase orders to the payment of invoices and the signing of customer contracts.

“With Salesforce, we have complete visibility of the work that has been delivered and amount due, which means we can pay our suppliers faster. As we deal with lots of sole traders, this makes a big difference to them and makes us a preferred customer,” says McClellan.

Customer billing is also faster and more accurate with Salesforce, resulting in a 21 percent improvement in order fulfillment-to-payment time.

“The accounts department didn’t have access to the systems used by sales and service teams before, so we had silos of information and relied on calls and emails to verify charges,” explains McClellan. “Now we have completely accurate centralised data, so the accounts team can see exactly what needs to be invoiced, and what needs to be paid, and when. In addition, compensation calculations can now be processed in three hours instead of four days, resulting in a 90 percent increase in efficiency.”

Greater visibility, greater value

Salesforce Chatter, adds to the visibility provided by Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, encouraging collaboration across departments and geographies. As McClellan confirms: “Our Canadian team feels more a part of the business with Chatter. We can communicate more easily despite the timezone difference.”

RAM Tracking’s marketing team takes advantage of Chatter to share useful content and alert employees to new sales resources, such as customer references and media coverage.

The marketing team also uses a solution from the AppExchange for tracking and evaluating campaigns. “We can analyse campaign metrics to ensure we are investing in the most profitable marketing channels and tactics,” says McClellan.

For example, RAM Tracking has been able to cut its spend on Pay-Per-Click advertising by 24 percent with no adverse affect on customer acquisition.

Improved sales and business take-on processes have also helped to increase the return on marketing spend. As McClellan explains: “Our lead to invoice time has reduced from 56 to 31 days, which not only benefits our customers but also incentivises staff and accelerates growth.”

With statistics like these, it’s not surprising that RAM Tracking has been shortlisted for one of the 2016 British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Management Awards.

“Salesforce has impacted every department and every employee,” says McClellan. “It has broken down the walls that previously existed between our teams, empowering people to work more effectively together so we can continue to grow our business together.”

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