ADS Securities

"The Salesforce suite provides us with immediate scalability and flexibility. This will be crucial as we move further towards our goals by increasing our global multi-asset trading."

— Ahmad Al-Jebouri
Operations Director

ADS Securities provides better after-sales support and expands into new markets faster with unified business platform

ADS Securities is one of the fastestgrowing foreign exchange and investment companies globally, executing billions of dollars of trades every day. The Salesforce suite has helped enable this growth and allowed the company to expand into new markets and geographies while providing bespoke services to its client base.

Providing tailored support to its clients is the backbone of ADS Securities’ approach to trading and a key differentiator for the business. “We are not a firm that brings in new clients just to leave them to it,” explains Ahmad Al-Jebouri, Operations Director at ADS Securities. “We support them through every stage with a responsive 24-hour service, and to do this we fully utilise our Salesforce solutions.”

Since it started trading in 2011, ADS Securities has rocketed its way onto the global financial services scene. Over the last four years it has expanded from institutional to retail clients, from foreign exchange to commodities trading and from Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong, Singapore and London. Its client focus, Middle East location and strong business platform, based on Salesforce, have been key to its success.

With an Executive Managing Director who has been named one of the ‘100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40’ by Arabian Business, it is not surprising that entrepreneurship and dynamism are deeply embedded in the firm’s culture. “We are not an organisation that stands still,” says Al-Jebouri. “We have come a long way in the last four years, and this momentum shows no signs of slowing. With Salesforce solutions we can keep pace with the demand for more services while maximising quality and minimising risk.”

An integrated approach

ADS has used Salesforce since day one, but the solution really flourished with the launch of its retail trading operation. “We were originally using Salesforce solutions purely for CRM but discovered it had far more to offer,” comments Al-Jebouri.

Automated processes are key to a firm’s success in the retail market. After reviewing a number of options, ADS realised it already had a solution that would meet not just its current objectives but also its future needs. “With regular new releases, we knew we would always have access to the latest features with Salesforce,” explains Al-Jebouri. “And the way the upgrade cycle is managed means there is never any disruption to the business.”

ADS Securities has built a suite of Salesforce products into its business platform, which comprises Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and a host of custom functions built on the Salesforce1 Platform. Al-Jebouri reveals, “With the Salesforce1 Platform it is easy to build new workflows in hours rather than days.” Around 145 of the firm’s 300 employees use the business platform on a regular basis. “User adoption has never been an issue for us, as the Salesforce solutions are so heavily ingrained in our culture and business model,” adds Al-Jebouri.

ADS Securities has also used Salesforce APIs to integrate these solutions with its trading platform, website, client portal, email and reporting tools. “The Salesforce suite supports processes from lead management and client onboarding to customer service and business reporting,” Al-Jebouri comments.The client journey starts with Sales Cloud. Leads from marketing campaigns, Google Ads, the firm’s client portal and partner websites are all captured in Sales Cloud and automatically assigned to individuals within the relevant sales team according to their geography. “We have integrated Sales Cloud with our website so partners and their clients can register with us directly in Sales Cloud,” explains Al-Jebouri.

With the sales workflow now defined by set stages, governance and compliance are also much easier. “We can ensure that we have received the right documents and that every client has been vetted before an account is opened,” says Al-Jebouri. “It is vital that we know and understand our clients to ensure the security and vitality of our trading environment.” If a client wishes to view a demonstration of the trading platform, the sales team can trigger an automated workflow in Sales Cloud that provides the client with an ID and password for a demo environment. The payment team also uses Sales Cloud to log when client funds are credited to an account, and to manage any withdrawals.

“Sales Cloud helps us keep on top of exactly what is going on with every client.” Al-Jebouri continues, “And with Salesforce1 Mobile we can easily access the information we need to service clients whether we are in the office or on the road.” Email communications during the client on-boarding process are automated using an app from the Salesforce AppExchange. This means that every client receives regular and timely communications about the status of their application and new account. Automated processes also mean clients get on-boarded faster, achieving better than industry standards.

Automated processes don’t just improve velocity; they also increase agility. As AlJebouri explains: “We had to create 12,000 new client accounts in just two weeks after a major retail campaign in 2014. We would not have been able to do that without Salesforce. ”Once a client is up and running, Service Cloud helps ensure an excellent experience. “Staff can view client equities, account position, requests and everything else that is needed to maintain the relationship or respond to a query,” explains Al-Jebouri, “Everything flows seamlessly from team to team with Salesforce, with no danger of things slipping through the gaps.”

Thanks to the integration between Salesforce CRM and ADS Securities’ telephony system, client records can be automatically accessed when answering inbound calls.Outbound calls – from both service desk agents and the sales team - are also tracked, which feeds into the company’s KPIs. “We can generate valuable management reports that tell us if we are not achieving our targets and what we need to do about it,” adds Al-Jebouri.

ADS Securities’ Salesforce journey is constantly evolving as it breaks into new markets, delivers new services and complies with new regulations. “The Salesforce suite provides us with immediate scalability and flexibility,” says Al-Jebouri. “This will be crucial as we move further towards our goals by increasing our global multi-asset trading.”

ADS Securities