Bespoke Collection

"Bespoke, in essence, is about tailored products and experiences."

-Paul Leary
President and Partner

Every glass of wine is social

A wedding toast. An intimate dinner. A late afternoon on the patio relaxing. A fine wine shared with family or friends can turn any occasion into a special memory—from life's greatest events to its quietest moments.

The Bespoke Collection strives to capture that kind of personal magic through a curated selection of premium wine and art experiences that make the most of its three unique brands: Blackbird Vineyards, Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley, and Recuerdo Wines. "Bespoke, in essence, is about tailored scenarios," says Paul Leary, President and Partner.

And just as the creation of a great wine connects many different elements—from varietal choice to the terroir where the grapes are grown—creating the right experiences for clients requires just the right connections with customers, vendors, and employees. That's why Bespoke is a perfect pairing for Salesforce and social networks.

"Our team strives to know exactly who's joining us at Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley each day, and whether to say 'welcome' or 'welcome back,'" says Michael Polenske, Founder and Partner. "If they've bought from us previously, we want to understand if it was online or in one of our retail stores, as well as which brands and particular product affinity they have."

Paul Leary adds, "When someone makes a purchase with us, the next morning at ten o'clock, they get an automated, personalized email." It is in essence a quick thank you for their patronage and an invitation to join the Bespoke community—via Facebook, Yelp, and other social platforms—as well as to just learn more about the company's offerings.

A wine-colored social vision

Bespoke's social vision helps with partner and vendor relationships as well. Standing in the leafy rows of one of Bespoke's vineyards, Leary holds up an iPad. "I can take a picture," he said, "post it to Chatter, and share it with our internal team, our clients, and our sales partners."

Sharing pictures as vineyards ripen for harvest not only provides important business information for stakeholders, it can also deepen the quality of the experiences Bespoke delivers to customers. Which goes to the heart of the Bespoke promise.

"There's an emotional connectivity that we really want to have with our clients," says Leary, "As a socially connected business, that's a lot easier to create."

Bespoke Collection
Bespoke Collection
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