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"We customized the Salesforce1 Mobile App to be in tune with the way we do business."

-Doug Henderson
President, B&W Group, North America

Bowers & Wilkins turns up its retail experience with Salesforce

Today’s sound systems come in all shapes and sizes. Some people swear by their turntables and amplifiers. Other are ditching their wired connections for the freedom of sleek mobile devices and wireless streaming. Bowers & Wilkins, the leading premium audio company, is giving its sales teams the same kind of freedom with the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

Offering everything from earphones to the kind of custom audio systems you’d find in a professional sound studio, Bowers & Wilkins sells primarily through a network of independent dealers and online retailers. Salesforce helps the company’s sales teams track every customer interaction and transaction, as well as keep a record of which competitive products dealers carry. And, custom dashboards ensure everyone knows what’s happening with the business, all the time. “Salesforce helps us listen to what’s happening with customers,” explains Doug Henderson, President of B&W Group, North America.

Salesforce, unplugged

With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, Bowers & Wilkins’s sales teams can easily access and update information while on the road. Records are customized for each account type, so reps can input call records and note next steps in just seconds. “It’s easy to customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App,” says Mike Sheehan, System Administrator, “And it saves time and effort for the team, so they can spend more time on site, helping customers.”

When Bowers & Wilkins expanded its distribution to include Apple and Best Buy/Magnolia, it wanted to keep a close eye on what was happening in stores. Now, a team of field marketing reps regularly visits retailers to ensure products are in stock and merchandised correctly. Custom call reports in the Salesforce1 Mobile App let the team quickly note required follow-ups. Tasks are automatically routed through the organization, and reports can be easily generated to support ongoing sales efforts.

“Mobile is really important to us,” says Henderson. “The Salesforce1 Mobile App helps everyone at our company be more efficient and responsive to retailer needs.”

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