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"CGU has been insuring Australians since 1851 and has grown with Australia to become a truly national insurer protecting businesses, people, properties, vehicles and farms. We’ve come a long way since the days of doing business over a drink in the local pub,"

-Ben Bessell
General Manager, Broker & Agency

Empowering CGU to drive exceptional partner and customer service outcomes

CGU is now one of Australia’s most recognised industry brands, with an impressive network of partners delivering high-quality insurance products and advice to customers across the country. However, longevity comes at a price, according to Mr Bessell. “We stood back from the business and realised we were in danger of losing sight of what our partners and customers really needed from us. While we had great relationships in the market, these weren’t always translating into business results. Placing partnerships and service at the heart of what we do is essential to who we are, and what we knew we had to focus on to get firmly back on track.”

Connecting the parts

CGU launched a strategic program to reunite its teams. The business had drifted into silos that were on the whole well-functioning, but were missing out on a world of opportunities by not sharing and interacting with each other. The transformation program aimed at creating one CGU community, connecting people and providing a single view of business information. The key focus was on connecting underwriters, the people who develop products, with the business development managers (BDMs), the people who sell products. was the glue, and this program has proved so successful, Salesforce is now being extended within CGU to include operational and claims teams, so providing a complete end-to-end channel view across the business.

Supercharging sales

Powered by a new cloud-based information-sharing model, CGU sales teams now engage with partners on iPads, carrying with them up-to-the-minute data where ever they are. “Our people now have rich and focused conversations with our partners,” says Mr Bessell. “Our BDMs also provide us with real-time sales information which surfaces in Salesforce dashboards, giving our leaders a holistic view of the Broker & Agency business at a glance, driving growth and better service outcomes.”

Forging stronger partner relationships

Salesforce helps CGU better understand its partners and have a shared view of the conversations and priorities of each partner, meaning less double handing and inconsistent answers and service standards.

CGU is introducing a new partner portal so partners have up-to-date and relevant documents, policies and processes at their fingertips to support real-time customer conversations. What this means in practice is that when a customer asks their broker a question they weren’t prepared for, they can quickly access the information they need and continue the conversation right there and then.

Mobile devices are revolutionising on-site risk assessments, with digital photos becoming a fast source of additional information in combination with geo-codes for accurate and timely quotes.

One conversation

Social enterprise networking tool Chatter is the social layer that spans and connects all units within CGU, extending out to the partner network. It’s where people go to collaborate, share files, ask questions and get fast responses, secure in the knowledge that their communications stay secure.

With an ambition to be the most admired insurer in its chosen markets, CGU places high importance on listening to customer sentiment and uses Salesforce Radian6 to help them do this across all social channels. “It’s our goal to use every piece of customer and partner information we can access to improve customer service. Salesforce helps us to do that,” states Bessell.

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