"Salesforce is our nurture engine. It will help us win new customers and build new relationships."

- Tim Kirk,
Operations Director, Liberis

Finance firm turbocharges its business with personalised customer journeys

Liberis doesn’t just want to build stronger relationships with its existing customers; it wants to build stronger relationships with its customers of tomorrow. “We understand that we need to give before we get,” explains Tim Kirk, Operations Director for Liberis. “With Salesforce, we can predict what people are interested in, and wow them by providing them with bespoke content.”

Liberis has already revolutionised the way small businesses access funding by providing cash advances linked to revenue generation, “We get paid as our customers get paid.” explains Kirk, “That flexibility along with the transparency of a single, fixed fee works fantastically well for small businesses.” And now it is revolutionising the customer journey. “We want to make it as personal and simple as possible,” says Kirk. “We are taking a dynamic approach that will enable us to tailor not only content for each customer but also the channel, the frequency, and the sequence.”

Serving up the right content at the right time will be key to the company’s future success. “Trying to connect with a customer at the serendipitous moment they need your services is becoming less viable,” explains Kirk. “You need to build a connection with potential customers before the need for your services exists.”

With Service Cloud and Pardot, Liberis can not only establish but also grow these relationships. “Salesforce is our nurture engine. It will help us win new customers and build new relationships,” affirms Kirk.

Fast-track to growth

Salesforce has been part of the Liberis success story since the company was founded in 2007. When the Blenheim Chalcot Group came on board as a new backer in 2014, it brought new investment, a history of transforming industries and a rich vein of talent and connections to Liberis — and new ambition. “We want to grow our business five-fold over the next couple of years,” explains Kirk. “Salesforce is completely extendable, so no matter how big we grow or what we do, we know it will support us. That in itself is priceless.”

Using data captured in Service Cloud, the team at Liberis can keep tabs on the company’s growth. For example, a daily finance dashboard shows recent business transactions and how they map to monthly targets. “With the Service Cloud dashboards, we can answer the key questions about business performance, and plan for the future,” says Kirk.

Teams can also access the dashboards remotely via the Salesforce1 Mobile App. Kirk confirms: “The dashboards render really quickly and effectively on a mobile device. With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, we can keep our fingers on the pulse of the business.”

To enable such real-time visibility, Liberis captures every new lead in Service Cloud. For example, when a prospect provides their email address on the Liberis website, it opens a new record in Service Cloud. Once a prospect becomes a customer, Liberis uses Service Cloud to provide real time tracking of deal performance, general account management services and renewal activity.

Bright prospects.

The journey from prospect to customer is undergoing a radical transformation at Liberis. Thanks to Pardot, a marketing automation tool, cold calls and generic emails will soon be a thing of the past. As Kirk explains: “We don't want to deliver a generic customer experience. With Pardot, we can see where people go and what they do on our website. We can then provide them with content — which they might have to pay for elsewhere — to help build a relationship.”

Liberis is also looking to leverage technology to further personalise and simplify more traditional customer interactions. “When a customer contacts us by phone, we are looking to implement smart routing to ensure they talk to their assigned account manager without having to battle through an interactive voice response. This further removes friction and frustration from the customer experience,” explains Kirk.

The Liberis team also uses Salesforce Chatter to collaborate on new deals and provide more responsive customer services.

A faster, smarter customer journey

Liberis’ personalised approach is already paying off; it has achieved a 98 percent service rating on Feefo, a global customer feedback system. “We want to repay our customers for every click they invest with us,” says Kirk. “With Salesforce, we can create customer relationships built on learning, convenience and transparency.”

To increase convenience for its customers, Liberis wants to offer a fully automated online decision-making and funding platform. Customers can already receive an accurate quote online; data submitted during this process is captured in Service Cloud. “Salesforce will make it easier for our Liberis Labs team to bring together the online journey, as we can pull and push data in and out as needed,” adds Kirk. “We want the customer journey to involve just a few clicks.”

Once the new online platform is live, Liberis will be looking to offer a ‘clicks only’ application process with same-day funding as a norm. “We are a growing business, and we want to help our customers grow too,” explains Kirk. “With Salesforce, we can turbocharge our business.”

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