Lorna Jane

"Getting that constant feedback from customers is the only way you can learn and continue to become better at what you do"

- Lorna Jane Clarkson
Founder and Chief Creative Director

Lorna Jane nourishes customer relationships with Salesforce

Lorna Jane is all about customers. Initially founded to meet consumer demand for fashionable exercise clothing, Australia’s leading activewear company continues to be driven by customer desires and opinions. Keeping close to customers is why Lorna Jane retails through a network of privately owned stores, rather than in department stores. And, it’s also the reason why social networking is so important to the company. According to Lorna Jane Clarkson, Founder and Chief Creative Director, “Customer loyalty is what makes your business sustainable.”

Salesforce.com’ s Marketing Cloud gives Lorna Jane a platform to speak to customers about its brand and Move, Nourish, Believe philosophy. Social monitoring provides a window into the customers’ world, tracking their conversations, and revealing likes, dislikes, wishes, and wants that might otherwise not filter through official feedback channels.

By listening to customers across every channel, Lorna Jane can see how its designs perform in the community, and can make changes to improve their success. “You need to be prepared to listen to the whole conversation when you use social listening as customer relationship tool,” explains Clarkson. “The good and the bad of social media is that every customer has a voice. Ignoring that voice can be a fundamental mistake, and listening to it the most valuable gift.”

At Lorna Jane, being involved in social conversations enables the team to not only listen to customers’ needs but also give back to the customer community. When a Facebook poll revealed that customers’ questions extended far beyond the apparel to nutrition, exercise, and how to live more positively, Clarkson responded by publishing her book, Move, Nourish, Believe.

Social listening key to building success overseas

Taking the Move, Nourish, Believe philosophy to women around the world is close to Clarkson’s heart. The company is currently building its strategy into the US market off the back of social media with Salesforce as a partner. Marketing Cloud helps Lorna Jane touch customers in daily interactions aimed at building and growing long-term relationships, which transcend the ebb and flow of more costly traditional marketing campaigns.

"Our strategy is to consistently give our customers what they want and then a bit more as an added surprise. Salesforce makes that easier to do in this digital age."

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