"The Sales Cloud and Data.com deliver fresh, accurate data to our sales team. And with the Salesforce1 Mobile App, that intelligence is actionable and accessible from anywhere."

—John Gleason
Chief Sales Officer

Ryder drives sales success with Salesforce

Commercial transportation has always been a business built on logistics and smarts, where knowing how to efficiently move freight between point A and point B is critical to success.

Nobody knew this better than Jim Ryder, founder of Ryder System, Inc., who wore two wristwatches — set to different time zones — to underscore his commitment to on-time deliveries. From his humble start in the depths of the Great Depression, Ryder’s company has grown into a Fortune 500 company, with annual revenues of more than $6 billion and operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Increasingly, Ryder’s growth has come from helping customers understand the benefits of outsourcing fleets and supply chains so they can focus on their core competencies. Ryder applies this same smart decision making when it comes to certain sales support solutions.

In 2010, Ryder’s Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) business, which leases, rents, and performs contract maintenance on trucks for businesses of all sizes, started replacing its homegrown CRM solution with Salesforce Sales Cloud. “This was a dramatic change, moving to the cloud,” says John Gleason, Chief Sales Officer.

Ironically, Ryder’s homegrown CRM system was modeled on Salesforce, but Gleason recognized that it would be more efficient and cost-effective to leverage the expertise of Salesforce directly. “We are not in the CRM business, so we knew we could greatly benefit from salesforce.com’s R&D and experience,” he says.

Step by step, Ryder has rolled out Sales Cloud to everyone from the inside sales group to its vehicle service centers located across the country. With many of these employees carrying smartphones and tablets, the Salesforce1 Mobile App makes it more convenient than ever to manage Ryder’s sales pipeline.

“The simple ease of using Salesforce through the Salesforce1 Mobile App is huge for us,” says Gleason. “With the user-friendly Mobile App interface, it’s click, complete, and you’re done.”

Delivering fresher, more accurate data

Salesforce has also played a key role in bolstering the reliability of Ryder’s CRM. The number one reason for CRM failure is bad data – whether it’s out-of-date contact info or inaccuracies in sales reports generated by employees. Ryder relies on Data.com to ensure that its sales team always has up-to-date, accurate information about companies and contacts, from names, emails, and phone numbers to employee counts, and more.

Ensuring the accuracy of data generated by field sales proved more challenging. Like many companies, Ryder sales reps in the field often waited until they returned to their desks before filing reports or updates.

“All our sales tools are only as good as the data,” says Todd Skiles, SVP Sales, Supply Chain Solutions. “If our data wasn’t reliable or up-to-date, our team couldn’t make solid decisions around it.”

With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, reps can now log activities, update opportunities, and collaborate around deals anytime, anywhere. The results speak for themselves:

  • Activity logging increased by > 30%
  • Accuracy of pipeline data improved by > 20%
  • Less than 5% of opportunities have “bad data”

“The Salesforce1 Mobile App eliminated the lag time between sales calls and filing sales reports. And that’s made all the difference,” says Skiles.

Even more impressive has been the impact on contract management. By deploying a custom Contract Management Object and the electronic-signature application, DocuSign, Ryder has significantly cut the average time it takes to approve contracts.

“The Salesforce1 Mobile App provides our sales team the real time pipeline and customer visibility they require while on the road,” says Skiles. “It is a key driver to proactive sales and increased sales production.”