"Communication no longer flows from the top down, but shoots around the company like a pinball."

-Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

Smartsalary innovates at social speed to reinvent car financing

The salary packaging and leasing industry is complicated. Smartsalary’s search for a way to make it easier for customers has taken it down a path of social innovation.

Back when Smartsalary was founded it was common knowledge that customer service wasn’t an exact science. The company recognized a great opportunity to delight customers, and in return those customers would help to grow the business.

Smartsalary introduced the Salesforce Sales Cloud into the car leasing side of the business at the point when it was reaching new heights. Rapid growth was becoming a major challenge and it was increasingly difficult for existing systems to keep pace with the business, which was doubling every year: “We had to take control of growth otherwise growth was going to take control of us,” explains Chief Commercial Officer Dave Adler.

The company looked to Salesforce to deliver a better way to manage multiple large scale processes without the customer being aware of any complexity. Salesforce exceeded all expectations, opening up a whole world of possibilities.

From 48 to 4 hours

Smartsalary has been able to reduce the car procurement cycle right down from 48 to 4 hours since moving its Sales, and now Service, processes into Salesforce and connecting with partners through Partner Portal.

Conversations that were previously held up in email now flow freely in Chatter, which together with social performance management solution has ignited a culture of collaboration throughout the entire company: “Communication no longer flows from the top down, but shoots around the company like a pinball,” says Chief Executive Officer Deven Billimoria.

Salesforce Platform helps Smartsalary to keep innovating. It has broken new ground with interactive online car sourcing service, building it in less than two months from blank sheet to fully operational service on Heroku: “ Creating an entirely new market and revenue stream in 45 days is pretty incredible,” says Adler.

And there are no intentions of putting the brakes on innovation. With over a million people buying a new car every year, Smartsalary intends to be a major player, finding new ways to make the experience more social and even more memorable for customers: “It’s no longer about will we do it, but when will we do it,” he says.

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