"Having an amazing product isn’t enough; you need to wrap it up with amazing customer service too. With Salesforce we achieve that every day."

— Nick Hill
Founder, SureFlap

SureFlap opens the door to greater growth with Salesforce

Flipper is keen on the odd bit of tuna. Flipper is not keen on other cats that want to share it. There are lots of territorial felines like Flipper in the world. Thanks to Salesforce, SureFlap has now reached more than 500,000 of them.

Dr Nick Hill, Founder of SureFlap, comments: “Salesforce touches so many parts of the business; it has been fundamental to our success.” In 2010 - the year that Salesforce was implemented – SureFlap’s turnover soared by 186 percent; it has continued to top 30 percent every year ever since.

Flipper is the inspiration behind SureFlap’s Microchip Cat Flap, which physicist Hill developed to prevent intruder cats entering his home, keeping Flipper’s tuna rations safe, and eliminating the stress caused by the invasion in territory. The technology behind the product identifies a pet’s existing microchip, allowing only authorised pets access.

By using Service Cloud to capture customer feedback, Hill and his engineering team have been able to continuously refine the product – and even confirm the need for a new ones: including the recently launched SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder.

“Service Cloud provides a central source of data that every department can tap into. This means we can better understand our products and customers – and their cats,” comments Hill.

Aiming for customer service purr-fection

Service Cloud was originally deployed to help the company establish a successful customer service operation. As Hill explains: “Having an amazing product isn’t enough; you need to wrap it up with amazing customer service too.”

SureFlap and its 36 employees have managed to achieve both: its product Net Promoter Score one month after a customer purchase is 91 percent, and after contact with the customer service team, it hits 96 percent.

“If a satisfaction survey comes back with a score lower than nine out of 10, Service Cloud notifies us so we can follow up with individual customers,” explains Sarah Metcalfe, SureFlap’s Customer Service Manager.

SureFlap sends around 300 customer satisfaction surveys per week, which will soon be coordinated via Marketing Cloud. The company is already using the solution to distribute email communications to thousands of both trade and individual customers.

“Marketing Cloud helps with both the quantity and quality of our customer communications,” comments Metcalfe. “For example, our first launch email for the new pet feeder had an open rate of 50 percent and a follow-on purchase rate of two percent. We tweaked the content and the distribution times, and the rates increased to 65 percent and 30 percent.”

A communication catalyst

Hill and his team can keep track of every new sale of the pet feeder and different cat flap models via the Salesforce1 Mobile App along with other key business performance indicators. The sales team also use the app to check customers’ records before their meetings.

As the company continues to grow, keeping people connected and making information accessible will be key. “When we started, we used to all sit in one room,” says Hill. “Now we have people in different countries.”

Thanks to Salesforce Chatter, an enterprise social networking tool, SureFlap can bridge the communication gap. The company has set up 18 Chatter groups to bring together colleagues from different departments to collaborate on product development, customer service delivery and marketing campaigns. “Chatter connects people that would not normally be connected in the business. It helps everything and everyone work a lot better and a lot faster,” comments Metcalfe.

As the company starts to look towards the future and the ‘Internet of things’, SureFlap’s journey with Salesforce is about to enter a new phase. As Hill confirms: “We see ‘smart’ products being key to supporting owners and their pets in the home. Salesforce shares our vision for a more connected world, and will be entwined in how we deliver these solutions to our customers.”