"Chatter is the game-changing component of traditional CRM."

-Don Lamping
Associate Director, Sales Operations

Zimmer transforms healthcare for the social era

These days it seems like everyone is demanding more from the healthcare system—and they want it for less. Leading healthcare and life sciences companies are challenged to deliver more personalized and effective care without raising costs. And that means operating in new, more social ways. For Zimmer—the leading supplier of orthopedic devices with 100,000+ products—the key to success in this new era is Salesforce.

To keep its business moving ahead, Zimmer needs to stay connected with three types of customers: the surgeons that recommend its medical devices, the hospitals that buy them, and the patients that ultimately benefit from them. Zimmer consolidated customer information from multiple systems into Sales Cloud, for greater visibility into lead generation and pipeline, and the ability to monitor compliance with strict legal and regulatory guidelines. The company also uses Service Cloud to help agents respond to distributor issues and close cases quickly. Zimmer now has complete views of all of its customers, including relevant licenses, events attended, products used, and issues resolved.

Not only can reps access customer information from the road, but they can show surgeons and hospital personnel how medical devices function within the human body using iPads and an app built on the Salesforce Platform. “Our sales teams can interface with doctors virtually anywhere—even the emergency room—to help patients regain mobility,” explains Don Lamping, Associate Director, Sales Operations. “That’s an unprecedented level of collaboration.”

Collaborating to help patients

By using Chatter as a company-wide employee social network, sales can easily share opportunities and collaborate with distributor partners, and marketing can communicate around product launches. “Chatter helps bridge the gaps within our organization,” adds Lamping.

Zimmer also engages with the patients that benefit from its products and their caregivers. Using the Marketing Cloud, the company listens to conversations on Facebook and Twitter and can jump in when a consumer complains about knee pain or a patient tweets about his or her recent surgery. The company also participates in conversations about its brand. According to Scott Gitters, Commercial Operations and Effectiveness Leader, “Social is a great opportunity for us to educate consumers, who may not be aware of our brand, about how we can restore their mobility and help them find renewed vitality.”

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