Pricing and editions

Pricing and editions

Customer support for small business

Customer support for small business


/ user / month
(billed annually)

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Case management

Multi-channel support

Automated workflow

Agent productivity tools

Self-service customer portal mobile app

Reports and analytics

Knowledge base

Team collaboration

40+ partner apps


/ user / month
(billed annually)

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Includes all Standard
features PLUS

Desk Connect for Salesforce

CTI integration

Enhanced reporting

Multi-brand self-service

Native CSAT

Multi-lingual support

Web chat

API integration

Business Plus

/ user / month
(billed annually)

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Includes all Pro features PLUS
features PLUS

Unlimited self-service portals

Custom roles & permissions

Canvas integrations Embed


Unlimited page layouts


High volume case exports

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Whether you’re a small startup or a Fortune 500 company, customer service is an essential part of your business. With and Service Cloud you get the flexibility and security you need to deliver consistently great service as you grow.

Get the all-in-one customer support solution that grows with you.

Start offering personalized service on every channel with With intuitive agent tools, powerful reporting, and a streamlined mobile app you can offer fast, helpful service as your business grows.


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