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"We are all Trailblazers" - Salesforce World Tour London Main Keynote
Blaze a Trail to Better, Smarter Consumer Engagement
Service Cloud Keynote: Transform Your Service with the #1 Service Platform
Salesforce Platform: Empowering IT to Build Around Your Customer
Salesforce World Tour Dreampitch 2018” - Closing Keynote
The Salesforce Advantage: How to Blaze a Trail to New Sales Summits
Six secrets to offering exceptional customer service
The Customer Trailblazer’s Field Guide to Marketing
Mastering Consumer Experience in the Retail Renaissance
State of IT in Europe - Insights from 1,000 IT Trailblazers
Accelerate Your Application Lifecycle on the Cloud
The Small Business Growth Kit
World Tour London 2018 Keynote
ASTRiiD helps businesses tap into a valuable and invisible talent pool. "Without, ASTRiiD would still be nothing more than a good idea; it’s been fundamental in bringing the vision to life.” – David Shutts OBE, Founder & CEO, ASTRiiD
Ulster Bank pioneers AI for smarter customer conversations . “With Salesforce, I can think smarter and act faster. And that means I can help the bank to to grow quicker.” – Damien Judge, Head of Business Commercial Excellence, Ulster Bank.
By putting its shoppers at the centre of its business, adidas keeps winning. “For adidas, the most important store in the world is our dot-com site. Period. And Salesforce is an important partner in executing on it. – Kasper Rørsted, CEO, adidas.
Rituals is on a path of unstoppable international growth and delivers a seamless online and offline experience with Salesforce. “We’re on a real roll with double-digit growth in all markets. We believe if you can dream it, you can do it. We need good partners like Salesforce and a good strategy and a little bit of luck." – Raymond Cloosterman, CEO and Founder, Rituals Cosmetics.
Rated People builds a stronger and smarter online marketplace with Salesforce. “With Salesforce, we can innovate faster and respond to customer needs better. We can build the solid foundations we need to grow our networks of tradespeople and homeowners.” – Adrienne Minster, Chief Commercial Officer, Rated People.
Gemma is a 16x certified Salesforce Architect and founder of community initiative Ladies Be Architects. “I'm creating a trail for my daughter. I'm showing her that there are no boundaries around the type of job that she wants to do or the type of life that she wants to lead.”
Gain in-demand Salesforce skills at your own pace by conquering hands-on challenges. Motivate yourself to go further by racking up points and badges. How far will you go?