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Whether you’re a company of five or five thousand, you'll learn how to drive innovation to take your business to the next level of customer success. Check out what you can expect at Salesforce Live: United Kingdom and Ireland by key industries.


Financial Services

Digital transformation has been fast-tracked to the top of the agenda over the past few months, driving Financial Services organisations to rethink how they engage with their customers in an ever-changing world. For many, this can mean a complete reorientation and refocus on true customer-centric strategies and approaches. With a responsibility to society, the industry is being asked to go above and beyond for customers, reiterating the importance of seamless, personalised, and efficient financial services across all segments. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how you can get ahead of these challenges and become digital-first without creating silos.


We are in the midst of a customer-centric revolution. Manufacturers around the world are ramping up investments in digital transformation, seeking out new ways to rethink the way they do business and move faster than ever before. At the core of this is the need for technology to drive stronger collaboration across the organisation and build closer, more personalised engagements with customers. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how to leverage technology to adapt to major manufacturing trends, keep up with customer expectations, and stay ahead of competitors.

Business Services

While the COVID-19 crisis this year has undoubtedly had an impact on businesses, it has also created a catalyst for making faster executive decisions, maintaining continuity, allowing greater digital collaboration with clients and employees, and protecting the workforce. We are now seeing organisations migrating to the next phase in recovery, while continuing to be resilient and adaptable to the latest changes. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how to stay resilient and drive digital transformation during this pandemic.

Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs have long been known for their innovation and agility. Every day entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups alike are creating, collaborating, and innovating to forge their own paths, grow and scale. Even during challenging times or periods of uncertainty, SMEs who want to stay on the right path need to keep innovating and find tools and strategies that will help them stay ahead. A happy team, a customer-centric culture and the right technology stack are paramount to this. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how to achieve this for your business.

High Tech

The “next normal“ is already here and High Tech companies like Spectris are certainly experiencing rapid change to the industry. Pre COVID-19 the importance of understanding data to make smarter business decisions had always been critical, but now companies are having to be more reactive during these uncertain times. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how Salesforce is helping companies in the Technology sector to get ahead and futureproof their business.


According to the Wall Street Journal a recent survey of directors, CEOs, and senior executives found that digital transformation (DT) risk is their #1 concern in 2019. Furthermore, Forbes found that 70% of all DT initiatives do not reach their goals. Of the $1.3 trillion that was spent on DT last year, it was estimated that $900 billion went to waste. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how to become a smarter, leaner and more innovative Energy and Utility organisation, and drive value through digital transformation to fuel customer-centric experiences and sustainable impact. 

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Digital has quickly become the lifeline for Healthcare & Life Sciences companies to stay connected to their customers. The move away from traditional sales channels has no doubt been accelerated in by COVID-19, but had already moved to selling online pre-the pandemic. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how to leverage new channels to engage with customers and prepare for what’s next in the ‘new normal’.


With the pandemic continuing to present huge challenges for traditional retailers, the past few months have seen unprecedented growth in e-commerce. This has provided retailers with much-needed revenue growth, and helped to offset store closures – but accelerating an online offer, with the associated fulfilment infrastructure, all while under lockdown, is no mean feat. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn what technologies can help retailers enhance their fulfilment capabilities and how to become more resilient in the future.


Telecom providers are rethinking investment plans to rapidly accelerate and grow revenue, transform the customer experience and enable agile operations in a more versatile and ever changing ecosystem. Yet many find themselves constrained by silod, legacy systems. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn to increase customer loyalty and value, and achieve a 360-degree view of every customer.

Travel, Transport and Hospitality

Whilst 2020 has undoubtedly presented challenges for each of us in our personal and professional lives, it has also created opportunity. We have all witnessed an acceleration in the use of technology and experienced change at an unprecedented pace, in unexpected places. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how to engage with customers and employees during this time, and the opportunities that the recent digital acceleration has brought about.

Consumer Goods

For Consumer Goods companies, it’s a time of huge change in which business and economic uncertainty abounds. Succeeding in this changing marketplace means investing in building deeper and more personal customer and consumer relationships in order to innovate around their changing needs. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how Salesforce is helping Consumer Goods companies to drive growth by providing a connected, intelligent experience for their customers, partners, consumers and employees.


Media companies are expert at finding new ways to grow, and this last decade has created unparalleled new growth opportunities. But it has also created increasing complex media organisations, as they offer a diverse range of products and experiences as they offer their customers a diverse range of B2C, B2B, digital and physical experiences. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how to drive change in your business model, your technology and your corporate culture.

Public Sector

By harnessing digital to build and deliver services, the government can transform the relationship between citizen and state. Many departments have started to transform how they deliver services and COVID has accelerated this significantly. Join us at Salesforce Live to learn how Salesforce can help digitally transform public sector services and hear customer examples including how the Cabinet Office deployed their fraud and error checking platform to speed up critical grant applications services during COVID.