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Insights from 2,000+ business owners and leaders worldwide.

Download the report today and discover the obstacles small & medium sized businesses (SMBs) encounter on the road to success and get insights on the decision-making and actions of business leaders who run them.
See what trends are shaping the SMB landscape.

Learn what is driving leaders

Understand SMB leaders’ motivations, challenges, and goals.

See how tech supports SMBs

Learn more about role of technology in satisfying customer expectations.

Trust matters above all else

90% of SMB leaders value trust above all else in their relationships with customers.

Demographics shape entrepreneurial experiences

Although most SMB leaders are driven individuals who wear many hats, we found key differences in their experiences that are shaped by age and gender.

Advanced technology comes to SMBs

Growing SMBs are more likely to leverage CRM, marketing automation, and AI. 

Customer expectations dictate investment plans

When planning investments, SMBs prioritise capabilities that help them offer the personalised experiences that customers are looking for. 

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Download our report to see how small and medium business leaders are adapting to overcome today’s business challenges.

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