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Salesforce Integrates Apple Business Messaging and Augmented Reality to Enhance Customer Service Solutions

  • Apple Messages for Business in Service Cloud allows customers to get AI-assisted support, schedule appointments, complete purchases, and more
  • Apple’s ARKit in the Salesforce Field Service mobile app brings augmented reality capabilities to field technicians, helping them resolve service issues more efficiently

Today, Salesforce announced an expansion of its partnership with Apple to bring Apple innovations into Service Cloud and Field Service for customers, service agents, and field technicians.

“We’re thrilled to deepen our partnership with Apple, further integrating the world’s #1 AI CRM with Apple’s incredible business devices and apps,” said Ryan Nichols, Chief Product Officer of Service Cloud, Salesforce. “These features are helping companies implement cutting-edge technology and augmented reality in a practical way, improving every interaction a company has with its customers.”

We’re thrilled to deepen our partnership with Apple, further integrating the world’s #1 AI CRM with Apple’s incredible business devices and apps.

Ryan Nichols, Chief Product Officer of Service Cloud, Salesforce

Why it matters: 

  • There are over 2 billion active Apple devices in the world, and over half of the American population uses iPhones.
  • Messaging — including chat, email, and text messages — is the preferred customer service channel among consumers ages 18-34, and over 50% of app users are more likely to interact with a business if they can message it.

What’s new:  

  • Apple Messages for Business in Service Cloud gives customers the ability to easily connect with customer support, get personalized shopping recommendations, schedule appointments, complete purchases with Apple Pay, track shipments, and more‌ — ‌all within the Messages app. Agents can efficiently manage these conversations in Service Cloud and access customer data for fast resolution. For example, a retail customer can chat directly with a business for personalized, AI-driven product recommendations and to inquire about sizing, inventory status, returns, and more. Unlike live chat experiences, the chat session will continue even if the customer navigates away and then returns.
  • Apple’s ARKit enables field service teams with augmented reality capabilities within the Salesforce Field Service Mobile App. With the ARKit, field technicians can easily create detailed 3D renderings of large areas, measure spaces, and map objects using simple image capture — streamlining processes and marking a technological shift in the field service industry. For example, a technician can plan an installation space to ensure a new refrigerator fits through the door and can be installed without any issues, increasing the efficiency and success of installation services.
  • The Salesforce Field Service iOS widget gives field service technicians a quick view of key account information such as upcoming appointments, work order details, and directions to their worksite directly on their iPhone home screen, saving them clicks and valuable time.

What they’re saying:

  • “We are excited to explore the new augmented reality capabilities in the Salesforce Field Service Mobile App. Throughout Pella’s nearly 99-year history, we’ve embraced powerful new tools that have enabled installers to enhance their service delivery. With AR capabilities built into the Salesforce Field Service App, installers will be able to visualize and complete their work faster and safer, helping us deliver on our mission of providing customers access to the latest innovation and a world-class service experience.” – Emily Stroup, Strategic Implementation Manager, Pella
  • “Customers want seamless and painless interactions with service agents and field technicians. Technology is key to delivering on both ends, from reaching customers where they are and on their preferred communications platforms, to leveraging capabilities like augmented reality to complete onsite work faster and safer. By further integrating Apple’s business software into Service Cloud and Field Service, Salesforce is providing businesses with the technology and capabilities needed to deliver high-quality customer service and satisfaction.” – Mary Wardley, VP of Customer Service and Contact Center Applications, IDC

Zoom out: Today’s news builds on Apple and Salesforce’s ongoing relationship. 

  • The companies first announced their strategic partnership at Dreamforce 2018, enabling Salesforce to redesign its app for a native mobile platform with exclusive features on iOS. 
  • Since then, the partners have provided tools and resources for millions of Salesforce developers to build native apps with a new Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS and launched an iOS app development course on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform.


  • Apple Messages for Business in Service Cloud is generally available today with Service Cloud Digital Engagement.
  • ARKit will be available in the Salesforce Field Service Mobile app in the summer of 2024.
  • The Salesforce Field Service iOS widget will be available in the summer of 2024.

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Any unreleased services or features referenced here are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.


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