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Digital Transformation

Chargeurs Taps Salesforce to Modernize Manufacturing Operations

Quick Take: Chargeurs, the world’s largest apparel interlinings manufacturer, has selected Salesforce to transition its sales and operations teams from using traditional email and spreadsheets to a modern, all-digital CRM platform. 

Why it’s important: With a complex global network of employees, customers, and manufacturing partners, Chargeurs found that relying solely on spreadsheets and emails for operations impacted its ability to operate with agility, make accurate forecasts, and build strong customer relationships.

Using Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud and Tableau CRM, Chargeurs is ensuring that global operations and sales efforts align with real-time sales agreements and forecasting. 

What they’re saying:  Jake Bell, Managing Director of North America, Chargeurs, explains how Salesforce has helped the company modernize its operations:

  • “Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud provides a window into my global manufacturing business in a way that’s easy for me to consume and take action on.”
  • “With Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and Tableau CRM, we’re able to combine a number of inputs – our track record with the account, historical data, global economic conditions, and our ground-level intelligence from our account teams – to develop a more accurate, reliable forecast.”
  • “Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud has resulted in a significant culture shift, allowing our teams to develop more proactive business relationships…ultimately resulting in more business agility and better partner relationships.”

By the numbers: 

  • Chargeurs is celebrating 149 years in business and has grown to encompass 29 independently run departments, eight factories, and over 30 offices globally. 
  • They work with 6,000 of the world’s top retail brands, including Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Target, and contract with factories who produce finished garments using Chargeurs’ interlining.
  • The company has been able to centralize global data from 29 processes and systems into Manufacturing Cloud so sales and operations teams, in addition to teams at eight interlining mills, all have real-time visibility into sales agreements and can accurately forecast demand. 

More information: To learn more about how Chargeurs is using Manufacturing Cloud, register for this on-demand webinar.


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