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The Biggest News From Dreamforce NYC

Work is not where you go – it’s something you do. Businesses need to be successful from home and the office, especially in this era of flexible work. At Dreamforce New York City, Salesforce shows how organizations of all sizes, across all industries, can build a digital HQ. This begins by meeting employees where they are in this work-anywhere world. 

From embracing a 360-degree view of your customer with Customer 360, to Dreampass and the latest in-person health and safety innovations, here’s a comprehensive list of all the announcements from Dreamforce New York City:

Salesforce unveils the next phase of Dreampass and new health and safety innovations to navigate in-person events  

At Dreamforce NYC, Salesforce released the next phase of Dreampass along with other health and safety innovations — including the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook and verifiable credential management — to help every organization build trusted environments, bring people together more safely, and help deliver a healthy future.

Customers can use the Dreampass console to centralize attendee COVID-19 health status collection and verification to scale safer event experiences
  • Salesforce’s new Dreampass product is now available for organizations to bring people back together to help enable safer experiences by easily applying health protocols to events
  • Salesforce’s transition into verifiable credential management helps businesses streamline processes and verify health credentials to further strengthen stakeholder trust

Find out more in the news announcement.

Salesforce releases health & safety playbook to help organizations plan safe, in-person events

The Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook, available to any business as a free resource, offers best practices for hosting attendees more safely at live events. 

By letting science guide our approach, we hope that more of us — on more occasions — can come together with trust and confidence and reconnect as a community.”

Brent Hyder, President and Chief People Officer, and Sarah Franklin, President and CHief Marketing Officer, Salesforce

Brent Hyder, Salesforce President and Chief People Officer and Sarah Franklin, President and Chief Marketing Officer, shared five key insights from the new playbook in a newsroom article.

Learn more about the Health & Safety playbook here.

The trust gap: Salesforce finds only 23% of consumers completely trust the Health Industry

To better understand the role of trust within healthcare, and what trusted health organizations are doing differently, Salesforce surveyed over 12,000 consumers in 13 countries and developed the latest edition of its Connected Health Consumer Report.

Salesforce’s new Connected Health Consumer report finds that the more consumers trust a given health organization, the more willing they are to share non-medical information.

The study found that consumers who have a trusted relationship with a given health organization are much more willing to share relevant, non-medical information such as nutrition habits or access to transportation.

Read more of the report’s findings here.

Salesforce’s Chief Medical Officer on COVID-19 prevention, safer gatherings, and the Omicron variant

Dr Geeta Nayyar – Salesforce’s New Chief Medical Officer – spoke to the Salesforce Newsroom on what the company has learned about running live events in a pandemic, why Salesforce is launching Dreampass and other new health and safety tools, and how she sees COVID-19 developing.

Read the full interview here.

Salesforce invests additional $3M to support climate resilience

Salesforce has announced more than $3M in donations towards ecosystem restoration and climate justice, which comes in addition to the $300M commitment announced in October

The donation is specifically focused on advancing tree equity and coastal resilience in an effort to protect communities that are experiencing extreme heat, lack of tree covering, and increased flooding. It will also contribute to advancing decarbonization for those facing disproportionate climate risk, such as lower-income communities and communities of color. 

The beneficiaries of this donation include American Forests, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, RMI, Clean Energy Buyers Institute and Ceres

Read the full announcement here.

Crowley navigates toward climate action with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud 

Crowley, Salesforce, and PwC today announced they will collaborate to enhance Crowley’s ability to measure and analyze carbon emissions across its full value chain with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. By using Net Zero Cloud (formerly known as Sustainability Cloud), Crowley — a global marine solutions, transportation and logistics company — will gain comprehensive insights around its emissions and the emissions of its suppliers in order to achieve Net Zero faster.  

Crowley needed a single source of truth that could take emissions data from a variety of disparate resources, such as fuel consumption in company locations in 36 different countries and island territories, and see them in real-time via one integrated, unified-view platform. With Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, Crowley can now quickly track, analyze, and report reliable environmental data and take meaningful climate action. 

Read the full announcement here.

Ford builds new technology on Salesforce Field Service platform

Ford Motor Company, a global auto manufacturer and longtime innovator in the automotive industry, announced the launch of VIIZR, a CRM tool built on Salesforce Field Service, designed to empower small business owners — plumbers, electricians, caterers, and landscapers — to run their businesses from anywhere. 

Ford is transforming its business and expanding into the digital technology market and Salesforce is excited to see Ford build deeper and differentiated relationships with its customers as VIIZR evolves.”

Tyler Prince, EVP Alliances and Channels, Salesforce

Only 10% of small business owners believe today’s business productivity software tools are designed for businesses of their size, with most believing that such solutions are built for much larger companies. VIIZR fills that gap by bringing together Ford’s commercial vehicle business, Ford Pro, and Salesforce Field Service to address key pain points felt most often by small business tradespeople, including invoicing, scheduling, and managing service requests. 

Learn more about the partnership here.

Salesforce and Vox Media partner for exclusive streaming of award-winning “Pivot” on Salesforce+

Salesforce and Vox Media announced a new partnership to bring video of the award-winning tech and business podcast Pivot to Salesforce+, the new streaming service.

Video of the hit podcast Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway arrives on Salesforce+ in early 2022. Salesforce+ will now be the exclusive home for video highlights of Pivot, with selected segments from each episode airing twice a week.

Read the announcement here.

IBM and MuleSoft announce global relationship to help accelerate flexibility across Public and Private Clouds

IBM and MuleSoft announced a global relationship where joint customers will benefit from planned addition of MuleSoft’s API and integration deployment option on Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Z’s real-time integrations to drive innovation.

According to the latest State of Salesforce report from IBM and Oxford Economics, nearly 30% of innovation activities and ecosystem, workforce, and customer engagement will be virtualized by 2023. The shift to digital-first customer and employee experiences has created more data from more systems than ever before – and delivering these connected digital experiences will require seamless integration of data, potentially across multiple siloed systems.

Read the full announcement. 

To watch more of Dreamforce New York, visit Salesforce+ here.


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