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“Every Small Step Is Helping” — Global Training Firm Tracks Carbon Emissions with Net Zero Cloud

When ISDI, a Salesforce partner dedicated to training IT professionals, opened its newest digital acceleration center in Paris, it embedded sustainability at the core of its business. In addition to seeking out green electricity options, recycling, and using eco-certified products, the organization deployed Net Zero Cloud to track its carbon emissions. 

ISDI uses Net Zero Cloud’s comprehensive insights to educate and inspire employees, partners, and students to reduce their individual and collective carbon footprints. The company also teamed up with Accenture, which partners with Salesforce to help clients integrate Net Zero Cloud into their sustainability strategy, so ISDI’s instructors can teach their IT clients how they, too, can get the most from the sustainability platform.

Making sustainability key to business decisions

ISDI’s core values include education, inclusion, and sustainability. As its leadership opened centers in Barcelona, Madrid, and Mexico, it recognized that employees were joining the company because they shared these values. To ensure employee engagement and retention, ISDI’s leaders committed to making its values the foundation of all decision making.

When the time came to establish the Paris location, every decision around operations was based on creating a “sustainability-positive” work space. ISDI chose Net Zero Cloud to inform and help drive the location’s sustainability policies and strategy.

Engaging stakeholders to drive change

The Paris digital acceleration center manually enters data from monthly utility bills to track energy usage. Additionally, ISDI has placed a wide-screen TV in its lobby that broadcasts screenshots of the carbon accounting dashboard, built on Tableau CRM, to keep its carbon footprint top of mind for all employees and visitors. 

Finally, Net Zero Cloud connects to a check-in kiosk at the center’s entrance. Employees and visitors enter travel-related details on an iPad, such as how far they’ve traveled, their mode of transportation, or where they are staying. The system shows them how many tonnes of carbon emissions their activity has released and asks if they’d like to plant a tree for a couple of Euros. This allows employees and visitors to purchase the equivalent of carbon emissions released and balance that with a tree’s ability to absorb an equal amount of carbon dioxide. 

ISDI’s Paris location is using the data collected and analyzed in Net Zero Cloud to involve, engage, and influence all its customers, investors, and employees. In democratizing this data, ISDI hopes to show how people are all connected in their sustainability journeys, and that everyone has a role to play in reducing environmental impact.

Fast fact: Since installing its check-in kiosk, ISDI has planted more than 2,000 trees in less than a year, with a 300-tonne carbon dioxide absorption capacity.

The customer perspective: “We are not going to change the world – we are a super-small startup – but I’m convinced we all need to do some small things in our homes and at work,” said Victor Kessler, Country Manager – France, ISDI. “We as a company need to set an example. If our employees are doing something in the office, maybe they will ‘copy and paste’ some good actions in their homes. Every small step is helping. There is no unhelpful action.”

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