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How Salesforce’s Global Real Estate is Driving Success from Anywhere

The company is committed to growing its global footprint with four new towers expected to open over the next two years

The future of work is here. With our Success from Anywhere approach, employees now have the flexibility to work how, when, and where works best for them. 

But digital first does not mean digital only. Our physical spaces are critical to collaboration, innovation, and connection. While our employees resoundingly enjoy the flexibility our new approach offers, their number one request is to get together in person with their teams. That’s why we’re investing in our global campus and reimagining our spaces as a destination for collaborating and connecting. 

Creating a “destination workplace”

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a steady increase in people coming into our offices for events, customer meetings, and team workshops. Today, 88 of our 110 global offices are open to employees, and we’ve found that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most popular days for employees to come in. 

Our offices are key to how we connect, but we also know that they are just one place where work gets done.

Our highest-attended offices over the past several months have been London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, and Tokyo — key hubs in which employees live and work. Salesforce thrives in city centers around the globe where we can get together, embrace all that downtown areas have to offer, and be active members of our communities.

We continue to expand our real estate portfolio with plans to open Salesforce Towers in Tokyo, Dublin, Sydney, and Chicago over the next two years. And today, we’re thrilled to open Salesforce Tower Atlanta’s ‘Ohana Floor — a fully open, flexible space on the highest floor of the building where employees, customers, partners, and the community can connect and collaborate. 

Our offices are key to how we connect, but we also know that they are just one place where work gets done. We’re also experimenting with bold new ways to bring people together safely, including Trailblazer Ranch, a new gathering place nestled in the redwoods of Scotts Valley, Calif. There, employees can forge trusted relationships, learn, get inspired, grow in their careers, and give back to the community. And we’re exploring ways to bring these kinds of experiences to our hubs around the world. 

Salesforce Tower Tokyo
Salesforce Tower Dublin
Salesforce Tower Sydney
Salesforce Tower Chicago

Designing for a “flex” workstyle

Our dedicated design team continues to evolve our design standard while reflecting the needs of today’s changing, more flexible environment.

Individual desks will still have a role, but we’re prioritizing more breakout and collaboration spaces. We’re increasing our social space from 40% to 60% — adding more booths, cafes, communal tables, focus pods, and mobile audiovisual equipment to enhance the connection, camaraderie, and innovation that comes from gathering in person.

We are future-proofing our design with a flexible layout so we can adjust as we go. 

We’re reimagining our spaces as a destination for collaborating and connecting.
Salesforce is increasing office social space from 40% to 60%. 

A sustainable physical environment 

Sustainability is one of our core values at Salesforce, and more than 75% of employees say that healthy and sustainable materials are of high importance when coming back to the office. 

Salesforce is committed to integrating green and healthy building practices into our real estate strategy while keeping those who come into our spaces safe. We build all our spaces to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Gold- or Platinum-certified standards and meet ASHRAE (American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards for proper fresh air ventilation. 

As part of our comprehensive Healthy and Sustainable Materials Program, we’ve been measuring indoor air quality through professional testing and continuous monitoring. We’ve also increased our indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring efforts and achieved our first Fitwel VRM certification, the world’s leading certification system for buildings and communities that optimize projects to support health. And we’re instituting a full HVAC system plan in all possible office locations to ensure optimal air quality.

Salesforce Tower in San Francisco is our most sustainable building yet and a roadmap for how we build spaces around the world. It holds the largest on-site water recycling system, called a blackwater system, in a commercial high-rise building in the United States, which will reduce the building’s water consumption by 76%.

We’ll continue to observe what works, listen to our employees’ feedback, and try new approaches as we go. As Salesforce grows, our offices will remain an essential pillar of how we come together to connect and collaborate.

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