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Stakeholder Capitalism

How the Cleveland Browns Found Success on the Field and in the Community: Dee and Jimmy Haslam on “The Inflection Point”

Quick Take: Dee and Jimmy Haslam, Owners / Managing Partners for the Cleveland Browns, joined Salesforce’s EVP Monica Langley on “The Inflection Point” to talk about turning one of football’s longest-suffering franchises into a winner and working with their players to drive social impact. 

What’s the impact? Dee and Jimmy Haslam have a proven track record for success — from media, to the truck stop business, and on the football and soccer fields with the Cleveland Browns and Columbus Crew SC. On top of that, they’re succeeding in their communities, partnering with players to close the digital divide in education.

What they’re saying:

Jimmy Haslam: “We struggled tremendously on the field because we didn’t have the right people in the right places. That’s your General Manager, the person who secures your talent, and your coach, who manages your talent. When you get those two right people in place, I don’t want to say it’s an easy business, but it’s much easier.” 

Dee Haslam: “The greatest social injustice is the education system. No matter where you live, you have the right to the best quality education you can get. Unfortunately, the way our systems are set up, that’s not reality and a lot of our children are left behind because of where they live.”

Jimmy Haslam: “Every single one of our players contributed financially, as did Dee and myself, and most of our coaches, to help solve that digital divide in East Cleveland.  And that’s a real life example of how people working together can solve a problem.”

Learn More: To see the full interview with the Haslams, watch the latest episode of “The Inflection Point” here.


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