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Salesforce Einstein 1 Helps McLaren Racing Drive 1-to-1 Relationships with Millions of Global Fans

McLaren Racing is using Salesforce Einstein 1, including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and MuleSoft, to deliver unique, connected fan experiences and build lifelong relationships with existing and new fans.

As part of an existing multi-year partnership between Salesforce and the McLaren Formula 1 Team, Salesforce technology is enabling McLaren Racing to unearth fan insights and create tailored marketing content such as automated emails with personalised subject lines and email copy while building smarter audience segments and marketing journeys.

Why it’s important: 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Formula 1 has exploded in popularity, counting over 900 million fans globally. But with fewer than 1% of fans able to attend a Grand Prix in a year, McLaren Racing must go beyond in-person events to create personalised fan experiences that drive lifelong relationships.

The customer perspective: “If you stand still in our sport, you’re actually going backwards. Through our partnership with Salesforce, we can efficiently build one-to-one relationships with millions of passionate fans around the world.” – Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing

If you stand still in our sport, you’re actually going backwards. Through our partnership with Salesforce, we can efficiently build one-to-one relationships with millions of passionate fans around the world.

Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing

Driving the news: McLaren Racing is using Einstein 1, which brings together CRM apps for sales, marketing, commerce, and more with trusted AI, data, and analytics in one integrated solution, to deepen engagement with its fans worldwide, grow revenue, and unlock productivity. For example:

  • McLaren Racing uses Marketing Cloud to engage its fans with relevant, timely, and personalised email communications to deepen their connection with the brand. 
  • With Sales Cloud as its central CRM platform, McLaren Racing can more effectively manage its sales pipeline, contacts, CEO’s address book, and partner information.
  • With reusable APIs built on MuleSoft, McLaren Racing can pull fan data from multiple systems into its single CRM record in Sales Cloud. This will provide 360-degree visibility of fan data – from their favorite racing events and drivers to merchandise purchases and event invitations — in a single view.
  • The Paddock Club App, built on Experience Cloud allows McLaren Racing ambassadors to check guests into the VIP suite faster and tap into real-time customer insights throughout each race weekend. 
  • A digital partnership portal built on Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) will deliver an easy-to-use, and tailored experience, providing 360-degree visibility of every contract, entitlement, and interaction.
  • McLaren Racing is exploring the potential use of Einstein Copilot to improve its team’s support to partners. The trusted, reliable AI assistant for CRM will efficiently summarise partner requests, streamline communication, ultimately, help foster stronger relationships.

The customer perspective: 

  • “Salesforce has helped us redefine the fan experience and deepen our relationships with partners. Having a 360-degree view of our audiences and the ability to connect with them through multiple channels will help us engage in more meaningful ways. This is key for enabling us to better respond to the changing demographics of our growing fanbase and I’m excited about the opportunities this technology will unlock for us.” – Ed Green, Head of Commercial Technology, McLaren Racing
  • “Today, having data that is actionable and the capability to scale personalisation are key to driving fan engagement, trust and loyalty. With Salesforce, we can create digital experiences our audiences expect, and more – meeting the needs of existing  fans, as well as growing our fanbase.” – Louise McEwen, Chief Marketing Officer, McLaren Racing

The Salesforce perspective: 

  • “To bring the thrill of the racing track to its increasingly diverse and global fanbase, McLaren Racing needs to continue to innovate with how they engage with fans at the events and those watching remotely. With Salesforce, McLaren will be able to create personalised fan experiences and bring this great sport to their audiences in new and exciting ways.” – Justin Wilson, Senior Vice President, U.K. Industries, Salesforce

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