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Digital Transformation

New Salesforce Certification Prepares Trailblazers to Design with Purpose

Salesforce has launched a new Strategy Design certification for current and aspiring creatives to boost their skills in a hot career path. 

Why it’s important: Nearly three-quarters of global workers (73%) do not feel equipped to learn the digital skills needed by businesses now. This new certification will help prepare designers and creatives for the roles businesses need to fill and ensure designers are equipped to lead with purpose-based design foundations.  

Driving the news: Nearly 70% of companies report that design is reshaping their products, portfolios, and industry standards. Strategy designers, with skills spanning business, innovation, design, and delivery, identify ways that design can help drive business outcomes. They bridge multiple disciplines and short- and long-term outcomes, asking questions like, “what should we build” or, “where should we invest our innovation efforts?” 

The Salesforce view: “We’re excited to guide designers and technologists toward the skills needed to build their careers and weave design into leadership and product development,” said Justin Maguire, Chief Design Officer, Salesforce. “We hope to shape designers into leaders that can take every stakeholder into account and create more conscious, inclusive products and companies.”

The Trailblazer perspective: “The Designer Career Path recognizes the skills required to create human-centered experiences on the Salesforce Platform, and supports PwC’s Salesforce designers in their continuous development,” said Angela Conway, Salesforce Strategy Designer, PwC UK.

Zoom out: Most organizations know how to use design to improve product usability and customer experiences. Strategy design has the broadest impact on organizations, bringing a distinctive combination of creative and analytical thinking to bear on complex business problems. Design strategists prioritize solving the needs of users, but need to align disparate stakeholders and teams on that north star of customer success. 

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