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Digital Transformation

Leading Online Grocer Ocado Powers New Supplier Insights Platform with Salesforce

Ocado Retail, the world’s largest dedicated online supermarket, has harnessed Salesforce interactive data analytics platform Tableau to launch a new B2B supplier data offering called Beet Insight. 

Why it’s important: Beet Insight provides suppliers with a market-leading insights tool to help them make impactful decisions to grow their business on Ocado.

What’s the impact: With Tableau functionality, Beet Insight enables suppliers to generate deep insights into Ocado and Zoom by Ocado shopping behaviour. The tool also:

  • Supports suppliers in identifying growth opportunities within the data to empower strategic decisions. On average, Ocado suppliers that have used these insights previously have grown 4% more than their competitors.
  • Grants suppliers access to the same rich in-house data as Ocado’s Buying team across six different modules – Performance, Promotions, Customer Behaviour, Operations, Web Analytics and Zoom by Ocado (Ocado’s rapid delivery service). 

This also enables efficient reporting and drives smoother collaboration between Ocado and suppliers when it comes to implementing learnings across shopping promotions and range.

The customer perspective: “Combining Tableau’s best-in-class visualisation capabilities with our market-leading insights empowers suppliers to quickly identify opportunities to grow their brands and optimise their strategy on Ocado,” said Jack Johnson, Head of Supplier Services at Ocado Retail.

The Salesforce perspective: “Data and analytics are mission critical to navigating rapidly changing circumstances, and we are helping businesses and individuals harness these insights. This latest innovation by Ocado Retail is a great example of an organisation who are leaning into the power of data to drive success for both themselves and their customers,” said Dan Pell, Tableau EMEA GM and SVP at Salesforce.

Fast fact: Shaped by supplier feedback and Tableau’s development capabilities, Beet Insight took just six months to build.

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