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Future of Work

Panel Discussion: Bridging the Skills Gap in the Future of Work

What does the Future of Work look like? We’re seeing it take shape now, with companies everywhere realizing that they must be in the business of health and shift their practices to accommodate employee needs in the new normal. While the skills gap—the deficit between available skills in the workplace and skills that are actually needed—has been a challenge for years, it is widening in the current environment. 

Focusing on that last topic and building off our work in the World Economic Forum Reskilling Revolution, Heather Conklin, Salesforce’s SVP & GM of Trailhead, participated in a panel discussion with representatives from the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Visa around bridging the skills gap and arming current and future generations with the knowledge they need to succeed in the Future of Work. 

Salesforce’s Trailhead is a free online learning platform where anyone can skill up for the jobs of the future. Through Trailhead, the company is generating opportunities for people and building more equitable pathways into jobs and technology.

Conklin made the point that reaching different audiences is key to making it possible for people from all backgrounds to learn in-demand skills and break into the tech sector. “We’ve done a lot to partner with different educational institutions, government agencies, and military programs to meet people where they are,” said Conklin. “We don’t just need to skill people up, but help get people placed into jobs.”

Watch the video below for the full panel discussion, “Bridging the Skills Gap in the Future of Work,” hosted by New York-based nonprofit organization Concordia and moderated by Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman. And, click here to learn more about Salesforce’s workforce development initiatives.


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