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Realize Business Value Faster with Salesforce Success Plans

I’m thrilled to be back in the Customer Success Group here at Salesforce because success is not only a core value, it’s at the heart of everything we do. Helping our customers succeed and grow amidst disruption is more important than ever, and we have never been better placed to do so. 

In the Customer Success Group, our goal is to help customers achieve the most value they can from the #1 CRM platform. We’re launching a new Salesforce Success Plans portfolio to deliver key insights from best practices we’ve learned over 22 years of working with organizations who want to see more value from their Salesforce investment, faster.

Expertise and guidance to go from vision to value

Everything the Customer Success Group does helps our customers maximize their investment in Salesforce and accelerate their speed to value. 

The most frequent requests we hear probably sound familiar:  

  • We want to take full advantage of what we’ve purchased
  • We want our teams to have the right skills and capabilities
  • We need to get up and running quickly
  • We need advice on industry best practices 

Every customer has different needs, so we’ve tailored three unique plans to deliver flexible resources, expertise, and guidance for any organization.

Signature Success

The Signature Success Plan drives business growth with proactive, personalized expertise. We work with customers to develop and advocate for a joint engagement plan, including activity prioritization and timelines. Signature customers report a 30% improvement in performance and five times faster deployment. This plan includes:

  • A named Technical Account Manager, an expert aligned to your goals who helps see them through
  • A full team dedicated to working hand-in-hand with you to optimize your solution performance
  • Resources and tools to maximize stability so you’re running at top speed, smoothly
  • Guidance on innovating with speed and precision as you explore new technology and adopt features and capabilities

Here’s how one customer saw value from the benefits included in Signature Success:

Autodesk Future-Proofs Against Business Disruption

After technical debt and legacy systems caused customer-impacting issues and slowdowns, Autodesk put a plan in place to mitigate risk and maintain reliability. The software leader partnered with the Customer Success Group to keep business running smoothly – and keep their customers happy.

With Proactive Monitoring across their sales, support, marketing, and customer success domains, Autodesk avoids problems before they start. A 24/7 early warning system and rapid reviews from Salesforce technical engineers monitor their business processes in real time, quickly detecting and fixing issues.

Autodesk’s support teams have seen huge improvements to system stability, including 80% fewer timeout errors and 72% fewer business-stopping cases. They also accelerated the delivery of self-service and automation capabilities, creating a frictionless experience for customers.

Ram Eragamreddy, Director of Engineering at Autodesk, sums it up: “Proactive Monitoring finds issues before they impact the customer – and that’s the main goal.” 

Premier Success

With Premier Success, customers can accelerate business value and put Salesforce capabilities to work throughout their entire Salesforce journey. 

Specialized guidance helps customers keep their vision on track, skill up their teams, and implement best practices tailored to their goals. Premier customers see 30% more value from Salesforce annually. This looks like:

  • Expert coaching sessions and training to deliver best practices and boost your team’s productivity
  • Technical guidance and insights to simplify how you deploy innovation and capabilities
  • 24/7 fast issue resolution to minimize and prevent disruption

How does Premier Success help customers? Here’s an example.

ChowNow Meets Skyrocketing Service Needs

In a year of sweeping change and unpredictability, the food service industry underwent some of the biggest disruptions. ChowNow, an online ordering service, features a model based on flat fees instead of commissions. This gives restaurants that have seen a significant increase in their take out and delivery businesses a massive incentive to switch. As a result, since March of 2020, ChowNow has seen hyperbolic demand for their services and customer call volumes grow in lock step.

ChowNow needed to scale up service digitally – and fast.

Working with Salesforce experts, ChowNow quickly implemented multiple digital service channels, including Live Agent and SMS. In just a few weeks, they saw a 50% decrease in average support call wait time, and case handle time went down by a third. And by using the flexibility of the Salesforce platform to reconfigure workflows, ChowNow has been able to move faster and keep up with demand from restaurants. With Premier Success, ChowNow has also accelerated time to value in their sales and service domains. 

“Premier Success is something that we should’ve had from the start. It’s a way to get more done, faster,” says Amy Larion, Director of Business Systems.

Standard Success

Customer success is baked into the Salesforce platform. How? Every Salesforce customer has access to the self-guided resources and support in our Standard Success Plan at no additional cost. Jump in from day one with:

  • Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting help from over 3.5M+ Trailblazers in the Success Community
  • Product-specific learning paths to start you off right in the Success Center
  • Access to Trailhead, the fun way for admins, developers, and users to learn new skills from anywhere
  • In-app guidance, how-to guides, and virtual events and videos to get you up to speed on Salesforce best practices

Maximize your investment with Salesforce Success Plans

Our customers put their trust in us, and that means we’re accountable to them and to driving their success. We align to their goals, work with them to build a path to success, and measure progress at every step. Our success is defined by the success of our customers.

Salesforce Success Plans provide the resources to empower every customer on that path to growth – whether it’s personalized, high-touch expertise, a self-guided journey, or something in between. 

More Information

  • For a behind-the-scenes look at how this launch differs from our previous success offerings, read the Q&A with Anna Le, CSG’s SVP of Product Management, and Jim Roth, EVP of Customer Support. 
  • For a quick way to learn more about Salesforce Success Plans, take the Trail.
  • Visit our website for a side-by-side of the Salesforce Success Plans.
  • To learn how you can take advantage of the updates, watch the Spring Release webinar.


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