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Currys Powers Up Its Digital Transformation with Salesforce

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, today announced that Currys, the UK’s market-leading tech retailer, is leveraging Salesforce technology to support its omnichannel transformation. 

Participating in Salesforce World Tour in London today, Currys will reveal its digital transformation success and how its omnichannel strategy is enabling today’s customers to enjoy a more personalized, connected experience across every channel. 

Over the last three years, 80% of UK households have shopped with Currys and, on average, the retailer serves over 8.5 million customers a week. With the insight that 60% of its customers prefer to shop across multiple channels, Currys embarked on a mission to transform into a best-in-class, digital-first omnichannel retailer.

By building upon its legacy infrastructure of over 300 brick-and-mortar stores in the UK and Ireland, alongside its strong and growing online business, Currys defined three core pillars for its omnichannel strategy. These pillars are focused on being easy to shop with and connecting the customer journey, building customers for life, and creating capable and committed colleagues.

Salesforce’s CRM enabled all of Currys functions, across marketing, sales, commerce, and service, to have a single, 360-degree shared view of every customer. Several key products have powered its digital transformation, including Mulesoft, which brought together the Salesforce platform with Currys’ legacy infrastructure and enabled its digital transformation to accelerate.

Currys’ new ecommerce website is now fueled by Commerce Cloud, which sits at the heart of the new customer experience. Currys is the sixth biggest retail website in the UK, and had over 406 million visits in 2021 alone. For these customers, new technology is enabling them to enjoy a faster website with heightened search functionality.

Today, every business must infuse digital across the entire physical and virtual shopping journey.

Rob Garf, VP & GM Retail at Salesforce

Service Cloud has enabled Currys colleagues to meaningfully interact with customers, driving brand loyalty and the growth of the Services business. By bringing customer service cases from across channels into a single view, Service Cloud is aligning thousands of customer journeys to speed resolution times and enhance customer satisfaction. Crucially, it is supporting Currys in its mission to deliver streamlined, frictionless, customer experiences.

Salesforce’s technology is also enabling Currys to become more data-driven, as the business accelerates its change from one that historically sold boxes to anonymous customers, to one that holds valuable customer relationships for life. While Currys has significantly expanded its customer base, it remains committed to getting to know its customers better and to talk to them more, so it can provide a higher level of customer service. The foundation for this is a seamless omnichannel journey and that makes it easier for customers to shop.

Andy Gamble, Chief Information Officer at Currys, said, “Our omnichannel transformation makes it easier for customers to shop and gives every customer the benefit of both our online and in-store experiences. The Salesforce platform drives improved personalization. This enables our customers to choose, afford and enjoy technology, wherever and whenever they choose to shop. This has enabled us to lead technology retail in the U.K.”

“Today, every business must infuse digital across the entire physical and virtual shopping journey,” said Rob Garf, VP & GM Retail at Salesforce. “Currys is a great example of an iconic brand that is building on the strengths of its retail stores and its online business to deliver seamless and personalized experiences in our increasingly omnichannel world.”

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About Currys PLC:

Currys plc is a leading omnichannel retailer of technology products and services, operating online and through 832 stores in 8 countries. We Help Everyone Enjoy Amazing Technology, however they choose to shop with us. In the UK&I we trade as Currys; in the Nordics under the Elkjøp brand and as Kotsovolos in Greece. In each of these markets we are the market leader, employing 33,000 capable and committed colleagues.

Our full range of services and support makes it easy for our customers to discover, choose, afford and enjoy the right technology for them, throughout their lives. The Group’s operations are supported by a sourcing office in Hong Kong, state-of-the-art repair facilities and an extensive distribution network, enabling fast and efficient delivery to stores and homes.

Our vision, we help everyone enjoy amazing technology, has a powerful social purpose at its heart. We believe in the power of technology to improve lives, help people stay connected, productive, healthy, and entertained. We’re here to help everyone enjoy those benefits and with our scale and expertise, we are uniquely placed to do so.

We’re a leader in giving technology a longer life through repair, recycling and reuse. We’re reducing our impact on the environment in our operations and our wider value chain and we will achieve net zero emissions by 2040. We offer customers products that help them save energy, reduce waste and save water, and we partner with charitable organisations to bring the benefits of amazing technology to those who might otherwise be excluded.

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