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Stakeholder Capitalism

World Economic Forum Showcases Salesforce’s Employee Engagement Model in New Case Study

Salesforce’s model for employee engagement recently attracted the attention of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which featured the company in a new case study.

Why it matters: Data shows a 40% rise in employee engagement on key issues like tech ethics, equality, and community engagement since the pandemic began, and companies around the world are working to address these concerns.

Driving the news: Salesforce’s long-time approach to employee engagement is tied together closely with its intentional approach to ethics

  • Like other companies, letters and active listening are a part of the company’s strategy. 
  • However, the company’s Office of Ethical and Humane Use also provides resources, support, and a channel to reach decision makers. 

What’s the impact: The approach helps Salesforce address concerns quicker, at lower cost, and with solid data at hand. And, it helps the company live up to its values

Fast fact: In 2018, grassroots employee engagement led to the formation of Salesforce’s Ethical and Humane Use office

Explore further: Read the full case study here.


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